Healthcare Brands Can (and Should) Go Live on Social Media

Gianna Leto
September 6, 2017

If you’re a hypochondriac like me, surfing the internet for medical advice soon goes from helpful to horrific in about 0.3 seconds. A quick Google search for a mild stomach cramp turns into liver failure (true story) and before you know it, you’re saying your goodbyes and wondering where it all went wrong. If only there was a doctor in your back pocket you could contact to avert this crisis. If only…

If you have ever come under a wave panic thanks to a medical website, you’ve come to the right place. If you immediately turn a sneeze into a death sentence, this one’s for you. And for the people in the back who are too embarrassed to ask questions, we have a solution for you:

Live streaming. Yes you heard correctly. All of the cool healthcare brands are doing it. And if they’re not, here’s why they should.

Give your brand a human face


When social audiences are looking for answers about health conditions or medical advice, they don’t want to be faced with a block of text that unquestionably jumps to alarming conclusions (raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by WebMD). They want to speak with a real-life person. It’s comforting to put a face to a name and know that someone out there is listening and is willing to help. Face-to-face interaction is reassuring when speaking about heavy topics, even if it is done through a screen. Social media’s live functionality only further strengthens that bond.

Audience interaction with real doctors/experts

As humans, we are often scared of the unknown. We want answers. We want them now. We want you to give them to us. Tweet chats and Facebook live Q&As are perfect for interacting with patients who have burning questions that need answering ASAP. Medical terminology can get confusing, especially for those not in the field, so having someone to simplify and explain complicated details is sure to put people’s mind at ease. Social media also brings a sense anonymity for those who may be too embarrassed to ask their doctors these questions in person or who may just be curious about different health conditions and medications in general. Online discussions are a great way for doctors and experts to build a relationship with their community by sharing their knowledge and putting misconceptions to rest.

A glance inside the company

When people think about healthcare brands, their minds cut straight to images of hospitals and needles. They forget that actual hard working employees come together to make up an organization and that there’s way more than meets the eye. It’s never a bad idea to use live features on Facebook and Instagram to remind followers what goes into to making your company what it is today. Utilizing live streaming to give tours, conduct employee interviews and talk about company values is a great way to give people on the outside looking in a glimpse of the amazing culture that surrounds your organization.

Event coverage

Our friends at Einstein Health know a thing or two about covering live events on social. Not too long ago, Einstein celebrated their 150th anniversary. To honor the occasion, they held a ceremony to bury a time capsule which would be opened in 100 years. Healthcare brands are doing amazing things every day and they deserve to be acknowledged. Live streaming is the perfect way to give followers, patients and even potential employers a sneak peek and behind-the-scenes look at all of the great events you’re attending, hosting or speaking at.

Well, there you have it, folks. If you’re a healthcare brand and thinking about going live, believe me when I say that the benefits can be enormous from a content marketing perspective. Live streaming is an all around great idea to build an online presence and relationship with patients, put uneasy followers’ minds to rest, and share the wealth of knowledge I know you’re just itching to talk about. Consider it Gianna approved.