Here’s How the Royal Wedding Stayed Relevant for 7 Months

May 18, 2018

Cheerio! It’s your resident CBM Royal Wedding insiders, Shivani and Grace. Tomorrow (Saturday, May 19) is the big day and we definitely don’t have cold feet. In fact, the last seven months have been nothing but juicy gossip, funny memes and royal traditions.

Thanks to our friend, Instagram, we’ve been able to stay up-to-date on all things Royal Wedding. When the gossip mills were spitting out rumors that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were dating, we were all ears. When the official engagement was announced, we held back (many) tears of happiness. When the engagement photos were released, our sappy hearts melted. And when the official wedding date and invitations were shared, us commoners eagerly waited by our mailboxes for our invites. (Still waiting on those, actually…)

Let’s travel back to see how the Royal Wedding stayed relevant on social media throughout the past few months.

Gary Janetti, Baby.

If you haven’t yet met Gary Janetti, where have you been?! JK, but for real, allow us to introduce you. Formerly a writer for Family Guy and executive producer of Will & Grace, Gary has gained a massive following and international fame through his Instagram channel by taking on the voice of a snarky and sarcastic Prince George, hellbent on causing chaos on the upcoming nuptials of Harry and Meghan.

Don’t believe us? Take a look below at just how savage the (fake) young Prince can be.

It takes a little more to impress George.


Two can play that game.

As we said: Savage. AF.

What makes Gary Janetti’s content so impressive (and frankly, addicting) is the satirical captions that accompany each post. He’s managed to mesh together the humor that we all enjoy (because who doesn’t love throwing some shade every once in awhile?) with the prim and proper royal family. We’ve all wondered how they must really feel about the Royal wedding and now, thanks to Gary (and a very sarcastic young Prince George), we know! And it makes the excitement and anticipation for the big day that much more intriguing.

In addition to getting us commoners excited for the wedding, Gary’s Instagram posts have caught the attention of *gasp* the celebs, like Lea Michele, Kaley Cuoco, Sarah Michelle Gellar and more. One celeb in particular, Lisa Rinna, is well-known for commenting with a simple “Gary.” on the Instagram posts where she believes Gary is toeing the line.

For the posts where he completely crosses the line, she’s known to comment with a “GARY!!!!”

Full disclosure, we excitedly look for Lisa’s comments on every single one of Gary’s posts. It makes us feel a little closer to our favorite stars living the L.A. life.

Juicy Tabloids

Anytime E! News posts about the royal family, we love to have a good old chinwag. This may not be from the direct source, aka the Queen herself, but we have some trust in them. You’ll most likely hear us screaming across the room or tagging each other in a post. Remember these golden updates?

Ah, the time E! News reminded us there was one month till the wedding. Seemed like forever ago.

We all have a past and E! News wasted no time in highlighting Meghan’s. OF COURSE, we paid it no mind. Love ya, girl.

Our third date was at Olive Garden. For the Royals, it’s a trip to Africa to camp under the stars. Thanks for the inside scoop, E! News.

The Real Facts

And then sometimes, you get the facts from the source itself! In this case, that’s from not only Kensington Palace’s own Instagram channels, but also a couple of others like @theroyalfamily on Instagram. More often than not, they’re the ones sharing the true facts of Harry and Meghan’s relationship and upcoming nuptials and keeping all of us in baited breath as we wait to see another photo of the happy couple and royal family.

For example, the official announcement of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s engagement came initially from the Kensington Palace Twitter account:

And then the engagement photos were released. (BRB as we go over to the corner and swoon for the next week.)

Next, the official wedding invitations! We’re convinced ours got lost in the mail, just like our Hogwarts acceptance letters.

And just to bide time until the big day, these Instagram channels even share the events that the royal family members are attending that aren’t related to the wedding! We can never get enough so naturally, we’re all over these photos. (Duh.)

We know this is the best CBM blog you’ve ever read. Our royal friends made that easy. Social media throughout the years has helped us stay in touch, but on a larger scale, it’s grown into a reliable news source, too. While the Royal Wedding is exciting, we also keep up with so much more on our favorite channels. Whether you’re a news junkie or gossip queen, Instagram has got you covered.

Will you watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow? We wouldn’t miss it for the world. Especially after relieving these hot posts. Let’s talk royal. Send us your favorite royal post!

Ta ta for now. XOXO, Grace & Shivani.