Here’s What You Need to Cover A Live Event on Social Media

Kristine Fenstermacher
March 15, 2017

Covering a live event on social media is like running a marathon while trying to Facetime.

You are trying to get to the finish line but need to make sure you are going the right direction, not tripping and falling, trying to keep the right pace, all while talking to someone about how great life has been since they called you two days prior (hey mom). Keep in mind you may also need to be carrying your camera, laptop, gimbal, 360 cam, a bottle of water, a light snack, and a phone charger with you as well.

It’s no easy task and I can guarantee you are going to be running those first few miles at snail pace if you don’t consider some of the tips and techniques we’ve collected on our tech adventures (most recently, the Philadelphia Auto Show) listed below.

Here we go!

DSLR Camera

PROS: High-quality pictures and video, duh.

CONS: Lugging it around wherever you go.

CHATTERTIPS: Get your camera to connect to Wi-Fi. This will save you time from having to run from your event space into that sketchy closet in the back room where your laptop is waiting for you. Content should be quick, relevant and of good quality. Most new DSLRs have the ability to be WI-FI enabled but if yours does not, there are memory cards that can create their own Wi-Fi feed and the pictures will deliver right to an app on your phone.  


PROS: Stabilize your mobile device for steady, even photo and video content, plus it’s super easy to walk around with.

CONS: Carrying it around, and having less of an ability to do more than one thing at once when you are using it.

CHATTERTIPS: If you’re going to use a gimbal, have your phone or mobile device locked in and ready. We found that it was easier to use the gimbal that automatically adjusts the phone’s balances for you, resulting in a much quicker and easier to use setup, especially when switching out devices on the go.

360-degree Camera

PROS: Easier to use than it appears, gets a shot that isn’t just straightforward. 360 video is pretty big right now, so staying on top of the trend with a quality 360-degree camera is key. 

CONS: Finding a good location for it and making sure that nothing was obstructing the view of any side of the camera.

CHATTERTIPS: Do a test with the camera, having a view of each and every side is a little bit different than most cameras. Be sure to connect it to your phone before using it so you can see what the images are coming out looking like.


At the end of the day, know your audience, because regardless of what your equipment situation looks like, you’re looking to capture live content that suits them. Research and prep as much as you can before your event starts, and once you have your basis you can flourish from there and make a creative campaign that engages and grows your audience.

Because remember, to get to the finish line you have to run the race.