Here’s Why The Bachelorette Needs Social Media

Kelly Devine
July 1, 2016

What’s the difference between a regular old reality show and a national phenomenon?

Social traffic, of course.

What show am I talking about? The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. Love it or hate it, the Bachelor franchise has made its way into our hearts and homes for more than 20 seasons and 14 years. Nice.

As a longtime viewer, I’ve noticed something different with the past couple of seasons: The producers started allowing the leading man or woman and the contestants to use social media throughout the season. Before, this was forbidden because they did not want anyone finding out what would happen throughout the season. But now, it is only enhancing the people’s journey to find love! My only mantra that I would pass on to these lucky men and women vying to be D-list celebrities is this: “With great social media power comes great responsibility.”  

While most contestants have started and maintained a good personal brand by scoring themselves Twitter and Instagram ad deals (looking at you, Flat Tummy Tea, fabfitfun and Sugar Bear Hair), there have also been some pretty epic fails. Let’s take a closer look and see what we can learn from them, shall we?

Don’t Drink and Snap

Alcohol and reality TV go together like peanut butter and jelly. You know when they become one, magic is sure to ensue.

Well, season 11 Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe proved that right. She revealed the winner of her season to the world via a drunken Snapchat BEFORE THE FINALE. *gasps from all ABC executives*

Even though it was taken down as soon as possible, screenshots live on forever. This also broke half of America’s hearts because they were rooting for underdog-slash-villain Nick Viall. He was back for another chance at fame, I mean love, with Kaitlyn after failing to win Andi Dorfman’s heart in season 10. Maybe third time’s a charm, Nick?

Beware of Exes

Everyone has a past, but with social media, everyone’s past becomes everyone’s business.

This season’s heartthrob, Jordan Rodgers, brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, did not cover all his bases. Sports pun intended.

On the very first night we met Jordan, his ex, Brittany, posted this B-E-A-UTIFUL Instagram.

She accused Jordan of cheating, therefore sending season 12 new Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher into a meltdown. How could the man she’s been in love with for three whole hours possibly be a cheater?!

Season 12 isn’t over yet, but I have a strong feeling Jordan will accept that final rose. To be continued…  

Producers (and fans) know everything

Yep. Take note, contestants: That cutesy Twitter flirting that you think no one else knows about?



Especially the producers. And then they will use it to make really good TV.

Bachelor in Paradise (a spinoff show for rejected Bachelor/Bachelorette hopefuls) contestants Samantha Steffen and Joe Bailey had a good thing going. They starting flirting via Twitter, felt a connection and knew that they were both going to be on the show. Rumors were also flying around that they were ~dating~ before coming on the show. Bachelor/Bachelorette fans went crazy over this and could not wait to see them interact on the show.

Sam then told Joe that he manipulated her and she found love with a new guy.

Thanks to Twitter, angry fans and brilliant producers, this blew up in Joe’s face on national television and it was awesome.

America loves to hate you/hates to love you

It’s safe to say that the Bachelor and Bachelorette have some of the greatest fans in the world who both love and hate them equally.

What do I mean exactly?

Lots and lots of parody and update accounts on Twitter and Instagram, that’s what. Bachelor superfans might run these accounts, but nobody on the show is safe from scrutiny. So we never have to forget an awkward first kiss, a clothing mishap or whatever comes out of Chris Harrison’s mouth.

I love the Internet. Thank you for this???????? ???? Thank you Jordyn from Oakville. I don’t know how you’re getting the cash to @theebass but he’s going to get a pretty sick shirt from all of that!! @realchadjohnson you’re off the hook! Thank you @bachelorettejojo for bringing this to our attention. Please don’t fill the comments with hate. ???????? cyber bullying This is real btw!!! I looked it up and took the screen shot! Link in bio!! . . . #thebachelorette #bachelorette #jojofletcher #chrisbharrison #evanbass #chadjohnson #teamevan #teamchad #jimmykimmellive #jimmykimmel #badchad #gofundme #gofund #fundraiser #bachelornation #mostdramaticseasonever #bachelorinparadise #bip #bip3 #fight #oakville #funny #vneck #dontpokethechadbear #abc #abcnews #celebnews #nocyberbullying #oakvilleontario #905

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How to Succeed and Accept that Rose on Social Platforms

Every Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant can walk away a winner by setting themselves up for success on social media. How, you ask?

Aka, everyone wants you to be the perfect ten Ben. <3

So there you have it, contestants: tips for success and avoiding the franchise’s social media fails. Being present, authentic and engaging on your social channels helps build positive relationships with your potential sweetheart and your fans. (And yes, it can even give you butterflies.)