Hillary Clinton, A Social Media Icon?

Jessica Meeder
November 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton absolutely read my blog. How do I know? The 2016 presidential candidate has stepped up her tweet game. She’s stuck with her girl power agenda and learning a few things for the tweeps she follows. How has she done that?

For starters, Hillary has been growing the number of people that she’s following to just shy of 300. The most interesting trend is in whom she’s following. So watch out Taylor, Hillary’s forming her own #GirlSquad. These female powerhouses include: Ellen, Amy Schumer, J.K. Rowling and Laverne Cox.

So what makes these women so fierce? They’re authorities not only in their fields, but also as public personas. They aren’t afraid to state their opinions publically and utilize their different platforms to call for a change. Hillary fits right in with the stances she’s taken both on and offline. In light of the regular mass shootings, Hillary called out the NRA for being a major obstacle in making changes to gun safety.

On a lighter note, Hillary has taken a note from funny ladies like Ellen and Amy by injecting sass and wit into her tweets, campaign swag and emails. Her Twitter bio includes that she’s a pantsuit aficionado; she’s been sending GIF’s in her emails, and has some pretty sweet gear. Speaking of swag- Hil’s team is all about it- and giving those favorites.

She’s also started interacting with her following politicians, peer supporters. It is a great way to expand her reach to a more localized level. #SquadGoals

Who else makes up those 300? People working on her campaign, of course! After shifting through a fair amount of the profiles, it’s easy to say these people love Hillary. Everything from their cover photos to their bios scream, “I’m with Hillary”. Just check out how creating the best “H’ image is a supporter must.

For me, I’m proud to see Hillary and her team taking my previous advice and stepping up her social game. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for her. And as for Hillary–she’ll tell us what she wants, what she really, really, wants….