How Internal Brand Ambassadors Can Strengthen Company Culture

Pat White
January 6, 2022

One of the key aspects of employee recruitment and retention is a strong company culture. It’s a common term that is thrown around all the time on job listings and company “About” pages. But what does it actually mean?

Company culture can manifest itself in a variety of ways and mean different things to different people. Offering free snacks, a game room, gym memberships or other perks are great, but they don’t always translate to a positive company culture. It’s less about the tangible perks and more about value and resources you provide to your staff. How do you empower them to grow professionally and personally? What are you doing to foster a sense of pride in your company?  

Here at ChatterBlast, we have a unique program called ChatterBoosters, which is designed to promote our company thought leadership, incentivize internal marketing efforts, and reward our staff with some much needed R&R around the holidays.

Throughout the year, the ChatterBlast team is tasked with ideating and writing blogs (like the one you’re reading now!) on a wide array of topics that will appeal to our followers, clients, and potential clients or partners. These topic can include: 

During the months of April through October, us Blasters are encouraged to share these new blogs on our own social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) in an effort to increase our website page views by 10% over this period of time.

The beauty of ChatterBoosters is that it a very simple, effective, and cost-efficient marketing program that also boosts team morale. Some of the benefits to the program include:

  1. Increasing brand awareness by showcasing our capabilities, services, and thought leadership as an agency.
  2. Expanding the reach of content by tapping into our team’s own social media networks to promote ChatterBlast and position our offerings to potential clients.  
  3. Strengthening company pride by sharing the innovative work we create, expertise we possess, and fostering some friendly internal competition. 
  4. Establishing positive optics for future hires on a public forum. Anyone can read “fun company culture” on a job posting, but greater impact comes when prospects can see first-hand the pride current employees take in promoting their company. 
  5. Promoting teamwork and fun by incentivizing our team to work together to reach our collective goal and earn a reward. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the reward: Those who participate in ChatterBoosters are rewarded with a week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Who wouldn’t want to promote all of the hard work your company creates throughout the year in exchange for some free PTO to close out the year? 

Internal ambassador programs are an extremely valuable tool for marketing your brand or company. And who is better suited to advocate on behalf of your company than your own staff?

Providing your team with dedicated trainings and best practices to help them with their professional and personal development (such as how to grow a professional network on LinkedIn) shows that you’re more invested in your team beyond the typical 9-5 workday. Help them with their own professional journey. Encourage them to connect with other professionals in their industry and provide them with the resources and tools to build their own networks. By placing value on your staff and helping them achieve their goals, they become stronger representatives and ambassadors for your brand. And incentivizing their pride and work goes a long way, too!

Make this the year you further invest in an internal ambassador program, establish a stronger company culture, and have a little fun along the way! Along with our own internal ambassador programs, ChatterBlast has created various strategies to help our clients with employee resources to increase engagement. Reach out today to discuss your goals and get started.