How Social Media Turned Into A Full Time Job

Nicole Spinosa
November 3, 2021

As we see the world of social media grow, we see new jobs emerge. In recent years, the role of a social media manager has now become a team member for businesses to maintain their image on social media platforms.

The term social media manager refers to the team that is behind the content and strategy of a brand or organization’s social media accounts. 

This job hasn’t always been around, as it wasn’t too long ago that brands’ marketing strategies didn’t include sizable resources dedicated to Facebook or Instagram. When the social media career first started, reports that it was mainly young women visualizing their creative ideas and using hashtags to reach an audience. The job now includes research, analyzing data, advertising through the platforms, and more — sometimes too much for one person to handle.

Integrating social media into marketing is now almost essential for a business in order to market and connect with their customers. Because of the rise in social media usage on the business side, brands now need to hire experts to focus on the strategy and content in order to ensure a stellar Instagram experience for the customer.

Because social media is now a means of communication between a business and its customers, the job is past entry-level. In the past, it was even considered “intern work” since people didn’t use social media as a main source of “serious” marketing and communication. As social media continues to evolve, more positions open up with a rise in demand for applicants. Glassdoor estimates the average annual salary at around $55,000.

Although there are great aspects of the job — such as being able to channel your creative side — using social media for work, and the need to be the digital voice of your company, can come with cons like any career:

The role is often filled by younger employees who are digital natives and grew up alongside the rise of social media. Understanding how the platforms work and what people are drawn to is a crucial part of being successful in the job. 

Since social media is not going anywhere, jobs continue to open up and companies demand more and more employees for this role. Although social media is everywhere, it’s still up-and-coming, since new trends arise and platforms continue to change on a regular basis. 

Looking to the future, the evolution of social media will continue, no doubt. This will mean the career will also continue to develop into something bigger. What does this mean: a manager for each platform? Brands investing even more money towards social media than they are now? 

We’ll have to wait and see!