Inside Snapchat’s COVID-19 Business Resource Center

Kristen Sanchez
May 11, 2020

Snapchat appears to be one of the many social platforms benefiting from everyone around the world being stuck at home. With not much else to do to satisfy boredom and anxiety, Snap has seen a spike in app usage as well as an increase in ad engagement. People are taking the time to be more virtually social and informed, and the platform is keeping up.

One of its biggest updates is the new Business Resource Center. This section of Snapchat’s website covers a multitude of resources to help advertisers adjust their strategies in light of COVID-19. The Snap team has compiled different data points that delve into how their diverse audience is consuming entertainment and information right now—and what it all means for your brand’s particular industry.

They’ve found that along with an increased desire to communicate with close friends and family members, Snapchat users are looking for new entertainment like games, AR filters, and Snapchat Shows. In their lengthier reports, they surveyed users to find how exactly they’re reacting to the virus and how it’s impacting their everyday lives—like the increase in ordering takeout and shopping online. 

Snapchat is then using this data to help guide advertisers’ messaging. With so many people currently in some state of distress, there’s been a push for thoughtful content that attempts to reach out to the audience in a genuine and caring way. Consumers need general support, essential items, and virtual connection with their communities. They’ve framed becoming a trusted resource as a main objective during this time. 

Snap has gone so far as to translate words and phrases like “quarantini” (a strong drink made while quarantined) and “coronacation” (time off due to school and workplace closings) for advertisers who are less familiar with the language of their younger audience. 

Along with these many data points, they’re offering handfuls of general tips like creating vertical Snap Ads and offering their Creative Partner Program. The platform wants to encourage inspiring and creative content during this time that can be beneficial for both consumers and brands alike.  

The company has stated their plans to continue expanding on these tools with new data over time. The current state of the world is changing pretty rapidly these days, and marketers need to do everything they can to stay ahead of the curve. Snap is even offering webinars for those who are extra curious.

Now more than ever, brands are looking to connect with their audiences, but few truly know how to navigate the changes that we’re all experiencing. Receiving data like this directly from the designated platform can help numerous brands show their audiences what they really want to see and hopefully bring some form of comfort in these times of uncertainty.