Introducing Pinterest, The Future Ecommerce Giant

Jackie Kollar
February 18, 2015

DISCLAIMER: if you have a shopping addiction, this probably is(n’t) the quick-read for you.

As if Pinterest wasn’t already the number one culprit for users to casually enter the black hole of online retail bliss, they’re upping the ante. Within a short three to six months’ time period, Pinterest may be rolling out a “buy” button. That’s right, step aside Kimmy K, because this update could actually #breaktheinternet.

Let me explain this in terms of someone who may not be Pinterest obsessed… you’re online, you see a fantastic pair of chunky black “I need to have” heels, (see below) and click the image to make the purchase, however you’re taken to a janky website made in ‘95 or sent to an outdated blog post with no sign of your treasured product or shopping cart in sight. Insert sad face and angry hashtag here.

Well it’s 2015 and time to say goodbye to the struggle and hello to Pinterest’s “buy” button. Soon, users may be able to purchase directly from the board their viewing. Golf clap.

Remember this isn’t only a win for the shopaholics, (like myself) but for all of the retail-driven organizations out there. I’m not exclusively talking about the Target and Gaps of the world, but to anyone with an online store. That’s right, every ecommerce site will be making its way (if it hasn’t already) to Pinterest as another HUGE outlet for digital sales and advertising.

I mean, how could I exist without being able to purchase my ENTIRE wedding board? Clearly the reason I’m not married. Pinterest: thank you for understanding and enabling.

Yours truly.