It’s Written in the Stars: Astrology Memes are Taking Over

Gianna Leto
October 3, 2018

I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to horoscopes, everyone is at least a little bit curious. I say this because even if you’re not a hardcore, examine-your-birth-chart-and-the-birth-chart-of-your-entire-family type of person (like me), you at least know your own sun sign. And if you say that you don’t, my Virgo spidey-senses can smell your lying BS from a mile away.

Astrology is one of my favorite things in the world—next to sushi and house music. So when you combine astrology with social media, aka the entire concept behind my day job, you can bet that my little heart catapults into absolute bliss.

Horoscopes have always been a thing, usually making waves in newspaper columns and lifestyle magazines. But now, as we enter a new age of self awareness and technology, astrology’s online popularity is larger than I ever could have imagined. There are sites upon sites that provide an array of astrological information, and now, something even more amazing has surfaced: Instagram accounts solely dedicated to astrology memes.

Everyone loves memes: They’re familiar, relatable, and downright hilarious. These astrology-focused meme accounts take these already popular memes and incorporate traits of the signs. Please refer below:

What I love about these accounts is the way they put their own creative spins on content that already exists. This new content is original in its own right without having to entirely reinvent the wheel. This tactic is seen among the entire meme community, especially when one hot topic gets the ball rolling and every internet user wants a piece of the action. Creators are constantly recycling content that ultimately makes the whole process fun.

The difference here is that there’s actually an educational component to these memes. If you have a driving passion to learn about every zodiac sign and their personality traits, this is definitely the way to go. Reading your daily horoscope every morning or taking the time to memorize information from websites and books can become redundant and even mundane. With help from social media, astrology is now more entertaining (and ruthless) than ever before.

My favorite part of this growing trend is the amount of shade it throws at every single type of person—no one receives mercy. Since I’m the queen of shade and I love some innocent bad-mouthing now and then, I think these accounts are absolutely hilarious. Especially when that shade is thrown at me and all my fellow Virgos out there.

I truly think that these accounts have brought astrology to the cultural forefront, even for those who don’t necessarily “believe” what the stars have to say. (You can think what you want, but I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.) It’s a great way to drive attention to an already exploding trend, all while generating some laughs in the process.

I’ll end this blog by sending love to all of my beloved astrology lovers and zodiac experts. Except, of course, if you’re a Libra. Everyone here at CBM headquarters knows how I feel about them. (They’re trash.)

Toodles xoxo