Jess and Jenn’s Most Excellent Internship

November 15, 2016

Editor’s note: Greetings, dear readers. I asked ChatterBlast’s copywriting interns in residence, Jessica Baar and Jennifer Faynberg, to blog about their internship experience this fall, all the while encouraging them to let their creativity run wild and free. Their table was a giggle fest as they wrote this, so I assume they had fun. (By the way: If you’re a college student looking for a spring 2017 social media marketing/advertising internship, apply here.) Thank you. —MS

We’re just Wannabes, but not in the Spice Girls kind of way, more in a we’ll-never-live-up-to-Marc-and-Kyle kind of way. That’s why we were inspired to write our very own blog together. So move over boys—it’s our turn now.

We’re also ChatterBlast Media’s current Copywriting interns. We met this semester when Jenn joined the team (Jess has been here since the summer so, like, forever.) They bonded over their similar names. Like, come on! JeSS/JeNN, it was totally fate.

A quick introduction. (As told by each other):

Jess is a former world-renowned opera singer who retired early to pursue a full-time career in meme creation. Her girl-next-door persona truly shines when she goes home to the farm every other weekend to visit her six horses, 24 dogs, and pet rooster who she lovingly named Bitey in honor of ChatterBlast. When she isn’t belting out a good Broadway jam or trotting through the farm, Jess loves to play a wholesome game of competitive Quidditch.

Jenn is a big city gal with bigger city routes. Although her job is centered around the digital world, her true passions lie in refurbishing, and subsequently destroying, antique typewriters. Her favorite song is Barbie Girl by Aqua and the one thing she can’t live without is her limited edition Weird Al Yankovic bobblehead.

So, what else do these best buds do?

Find the most embarrassing Facebook photos they can of each other and publish them on their internship’s website. 

Jenn: Check out those details! I can’t decide if the sneakers, socks, or middle parted hair is the best feature here. 

Jess: Jenn got to meet Spiderman. I’m really jealous.

Please share your most-used GIF. 

Jess: Who doesn’t love pizza and The Office? Fun fact: I once convinced my boyfriend that I had never heard of The Office, even though we’d had many thorough and detailed conversations about it.

Jenn: It just speaks volumes.

[Also: Jennifer and Jessica have determined that GIF is pronounced with a hard G. Guess the debate is over.]

Tell us about your internship, why don’t you?

Your favorite part of working at CBM is:

Jess: Will I get in trouble for saying the high quantity of Insomnia Cookies?

Jenn: Sure, Insomnia Cookies and the fact that there’s at least one dog here almost weekly. Dogs and cookies are related to copywriting, right?

Jess: Ok, I have to mention the great work environment. Everyone is really cool and nice here. Whenever I’ve run into a problem, someone is always willing to help me and make sure I don’t stress myself out too much. 

Jenn: Since we’re being serious, my favorite part of working at ChatterBlast is the fact that the office has a certain air to it which makes it a pleasure to work in. I feel as though there is a particular CBM ‘personality’ we all share — a lighthearted playfulness that makes work feel less like work and more like hanging out with people who value all the same things as you.

What type of music do you listen to at work?

Jess: Believe it or not I only started using Spotify when I began working here. I mainly listen to the “Songs to Sing in the Shower” playlist, ’80s jams jamz, or Broadway.

Jenn: It depends on my mood! Most days it’s Say Anything, AFI, or Panic! At the Disco (my favorite band). However, I definitely have my “Top Hits of the 2000s” and The Weeknd days as well.

What on earth have you learned about writing for social media throughout your internship?

Jess: It’s a lot tougher than it looks. Not only do you have to condense your writing, which is a challenge in itself, but you have to make sure it sounds like the client and achieves the goal of engaging their audience. I liken it to mental gymnastics.

Jenn: I hope to work in digital communications for a living, so ChatterBlast has been my first real introduction to the field. I tend to be a tad lengthy in my writing and this internship has taught me to CUT DOWN and work within predesigned constraints. Additionally, I learned that your voice does not matter to a client — you must conform your writing to the wishes of the client and that makes things far more challenging and far more rewarding. 

Any last words?

Jess: When orbiting the Earth, astronauts aren’t floating due to the absence of gravity. They’re really in a constant state of free fall as the Earth is turning away from them as fast as they’re falling towards it.

Well, that’s all, folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into our daily lives and strange minds. Here’s a little somethin’ for your troubles . ????