Meet the Real Interns of ChatterBlast

November 29, 2017

Welcome to the CBM Fall 2017 #InternBlog — well, the interns that matter anyway. Not to throw shade at #MitchMatt, but yeah, we’re throwin’ it. But let’s get to what’s really important here: Us ladies. We run the right side of the office, along with Evan and Joh, of course. You think you can keep up with the five of us? Then maybe, just maybe, you can sit with us at Bill’s Breakfast and Lunch.

We are The Real Interns of ChatterBlast:

I’m Nora Kenney. I am a senior at Temple University, graduating this Fall. Woo. It took me six long years. I’m an advertising major interning at ChatterBlast as a copywriter.

I’m Kelsey Stairiker, a senior Media Studies & Production student at Temple. For some reason, they let me write copy here.

Hello~ I’m Stephanie Cao, an ex-nursing major who found out that my passion always revolved around designing graphics (I discovered this two years too late). I’m a junior Advertising major with a concentration in Art Direction. With that said, I intern at ChatterBlast as a graphic designer.

Hi all. I’m Katelyne Ortega. I study Public Relations and Advertising at Rowan University right over in Jersey. I spend my days interning at ChatterBlast as a copywriter, so I get to write cool and ~fun~ stuff for clients. Woo, go vybe, baby!!!!!!

Hi ladies and gents, I’m Valentina Wrisley, a Strategic Communication major at Temple University who has recently discovered the wonderful world of advertising. Here at ChatterBlast I’m a copywriter and although I’m definitely not the funniest person in this office, I’m pretty darn friendly!

Let’s get to some questions and find out all there is to know about this sassy bunch:

What do you love most about interning at ChatterBlast?

Nora:  I would have to say my favorite part about ChatterBlast is watching the construction workers expand the office 😉

Kelsey: Y’all. These snacks are so good. The rotation is always on point. Shouts out, Joh!!

Stephanie: The thing I love most about ChatterBlast is how weird everyone is. For example, Evan is always bursting out in the JG Wentworth tune.

Katelyne: The relaxed and creative work environment. OH—and the tunes are ????.

Valentina: I love how much everyone respects one another. It’s just a very happy and supportive working environment. It’s also totally okay to sing out loud, and I can get behind that. ????

What’s your prob with ChatterBlast?

Kelsey: I sit next to Evan, and he’ll talk out loud but I never actually know if he’s talking to me or himself. V confusing imo.

Stephanie: Matt keeps calling me Tracey. Who’s Tracey?

Katelyne: One time CBM ran out of sour gummy worms. Smh.

Valentina: The microwave will only microwave for exactly 2 minutes and 45 seconds, and It’s either because it’s haunted or it hates us.

Nora: When Valentina sings out loud *eye roll.*

What do you see in your future?

Stephanie: My future plan is to work as an Art Director for a film company, and then get rich so I can travel around the world and spend money recklessly.

Katelyne: Not really sure. The only things I hopefully see so far are graduation and a trip to Europe, so I’m pretty booked.

Valentina: My future plans are to work a creative position for as long as it makes me happy. Then I’m opening a dog sanctuary. The goal is to live 30 minutes outside of the city in a nice beach town, surrounded by a lot of dogs.    

Nora: I plan to hopefully marry a professional athlete so I don’t have to work ever again.

Kelsey: HAHAHAHA pls don’t ask.

What is your favorite social platform and why?

Katelyne: I have to go with Instagram as my number one now (RIP vine). I can spend hours editing pictures… don’t look @ me if you use Ludwig or Hefe though.

Valentina: I use instagram more than any of them but I loooovee scrolling through twitter because it’s hilarious.

Nora: Twitter is my favorite social platform because people think I’m funny. Of course I’m funny.

Kelsey: Twitter! It’s so wild and just out there. I think it’s the platform that people my age feel the most freedom to be true to the brand and themselves.

Stephanie: Snapchat because I can make people get FOMO.

If you could follow one person on Twitter for the rest of your life who would it be?

Valentina: My little sister. She is the most extra person I know and I have a feeling that one day she is going to blow up and be Twitter famous (for unknown reasons), and I just want to be around for that.

Nora:  I would follow Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter for the rest of my life. She’s real and she’s funny, kinda like me.

Kelsey: Cher murders the Twitter game.

Katelyne: Danny Devito. #TrollFoot

MitchMatt. How does this make you feel?

Nora: Matt D seems cool, only met him once but I’m unsure of his intentions, ya know? I’m confused why he’s so obsessed with Mitch, I don’t know, just weird.

Kelsey: Me and Jamie never met, but y’all don’t see us making a big deal out of it ????

Stephanie: Is this some type of forbidden love?

Katelyne: What is a MitchMatt ??? Two different socks ??

Finally, we took the Real Housewives Personality Quiz. Here’s what we got:

Valentina: 100% me.


Kelsey: Lisaaaaaa!!!


Katelyne: Frick.

Well, there you have it. Quite the group, huh?