Meet the Summer ’17 Junior Blasters: Ladies Edition

June 22, 2017

Greetings, readers.

Welcome back to the site! Well, it’s officially summertime, and you know what that means: A new crop of Junior Blasters grace us with their presence. We have quite a few of these digital natives and Gen-Zers in our midst this summer, so we’re breaking it down, battle-of-the-sexes style. They’re about a month in, and wowee, these Blasters are picking up all the hot social media marketing tricks and even teaching us a few along the way.

Today, get to know our lady Junior Blasters. Drumroll, please!

Juanita, Copywriting

Who are you, where are you from and what are you doing here?

I’m Juanita. I was born in Bogota, Colombia and I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m here because I made an impulsive decision to move to Philadelphia for school and go to Temple even though I didn’t know anyone here and had never been. Turns out it was the best decision ever. Philadelphia helped me meet people and have opportunities that I don’t know how I would have lived without. One of those opportunities, of course, being ChatterBlast.

How did you find out about this internship? What made you decide to apply here?

I’m friends with CBM Editor Valerie because we both are from Phoenix and we’ve hung out a few times where she talked about ChatterBlast. It always sounded really cool and a really great work environment so I sort of kept it in the back of my mind. When I realized I really liked social, I looked into the internships here. I was a little hesitant to apply because I really wanted to be the right candidate to work here. When a couple opportunities arose at the last minute for internships, I decided not to wait anymore and just give it my best and it worked out.

Do you give your friends social media advice? If so, what do you say?

I guess I kind of give social media advice, but it’s mostly ghostwriting captions on Instagram photos or tweet ideas. I guess that means I’m probably in the right position as a copywriting intern!

What clients have you gotten to touch so far and which has been the most interesting to work on?

I’ve mostly been working on Aqua America but I did get to see what’s happening with 1213 Walnut Street and that seems interesting. Just the whole process of launching a social media presence is really interesting because I never thought about how much pre-planning and additional thought had to go into everything at the start.

Meredith, Graphic Design

Who are you, where are you from and what are you doing here?

My name is Meredith Getzfread. I’m from Plymouth Meeting, PA and I am a graphic design intern at ChatterBlast.

How did you find out about his internship?  What made you decide to apply here?

A classmate and friend of mine from Temple (Sam) held the position before me and she raved about it. She gave me a referral and encouraged me to apply!

Favorite social site? Why? Least favorite?  Why?

My favorite has to be Instagram because it encourages people to be artsy and creative. I don’t have a least favorite, but I tend not to use Snapchat as much as my other social media accounts.

What clients have you gotten to touch so far and which has been the most interesting to work on?

As the graphic design intern I focus mostly on ChatterBlast as a brand, but I had a lot of fun doing creative work for the 4th Annual Charity Flip Cup Tournament!

Biggest pet peeve on social media?

When people go away on vacation for one weekend and then #tbt it for the next year with captions like, “Take me back :(” Maybe next time take fewer photos and enjoy the experience.

Michelle, Copywriting

Who are you, where are you from and what are you doing here?

My name is Michelle Goldsborough. I am an extrovert from the suburbs of Philadelphia. I try my hardest to place myself in environments where I know I can thrive next to people who want to accomplish big things, even if they’re in small ways. I have a lot of optimism inside me and try to see the good in everyone.

How did you find out about this internship?  What made you decide to apply here?

I went to the last career fair of my life at Temple University this past spring semester and I was standing on one side of the room looking at both the Phillies table and the ChatterBlast table. I saw the ChatterBlast team had alumni ribbons on, so I started talking with Matt. The way he talked about ChatterBlast helped me understand how this company works as a whole and I immediately went home and introduced myself through email.

After I came in for an informational interview with Jackie and Marc, it was suggested that I apply for an internship with ChatterBlast. I handed in writing samples to Marc and after coming back in for an interview with Valerie, Kyle and Marc, I was offered a copywriting intern spot. I like spaces that stand out, and ChatterBlast does a brilliant job of that.

What will you be doing in 5 years? DREAM BIG!

I’ll be working with production teams—who knows where?—telling stories, and creating movies, documentaries, anything. I’d like to continue work in social media and developing myself as a leader.

Any other big plans this summer?

I’m going to Spain in August for two weeks for professional development as a photographer and writer. I’m participating in an academy called RoosterGNN and working as a photojournalist intern pitching and writing articles and using my photography experience to add photos to the articles I write. I’ll have the chance to work with some really cool people.

Toni, Account Management

Who are you, where are you from and what are you doing here?

My name is Toni Sichel! I’m a Senior Advertising major at Temple focusing on Account Management. I hail from Bucks County, PA where I’ve spent my first 18 years before moving to the City of Brotherly Love.

I’m interning at ChatterBlast for my second term (started in the spring semester) as an Account Management intern to learn more about the industry and get my foot in the door with some real-life clients!

How did you find out about this internship?  What made you decide to apply here?

I found out about this internship online. I was doing some research on Philadelphia-based agencies that offer experience in digital advertising and Account Management; this is when I came upon ChatterBlast!

The uniqueness of ChatterBlast being a social media-focused agency was intriguing to me. I liked that ChatterBlast deemed themselves as a “storytelling” agency that had a bunch of passionate and dedicated people working for them. For these reasons, I sent in my application!

What’s your favorite summer job BESIDES ChatterBlast?

For the past two summers, I served as an Orientation Leader at Temple. That was by far the coolest summer job I ever had. I spent my summers guiding around incoming freshman, answering their pressing questions, and helping them transition into college life. The free backpacks were definitely a perk, as well.

Any sage advice for the younglings?

Seize every opportunity, and do it fast. Whether it seems like something you’d like to do or not, you’ll never know if you don’t try. In this day and age we’re all working towards something and if you don’t jump on an opportunity, someone else will. Always try new things and be open to change. You may end up doing a complete 180 from what your original plan was, and that’s okay. Let life take its course and ride the wave, you never know what amazing things can happen to you if you take risks.


Well, there you have it, folks. Don’t forget to tune in next week, when we meet these ladies’ counterparts: The (Junior Blaster) Boys of Summer 2017.