My Facebook Likes Have Fallen And They Can’t Get Up! What’s The Deal?

Megan Morris
March 13, 2015

Wait, THAT MANY people unliked our Facebook page today? I TOLD you that post about the new Game of Thrones trailer was off brand!”

If you’re in the social, advertising or small business industries, this conversation may be happening in your office right now. It’s fine. Stay bro. Tell your boss there’s a perfectly good explanation for the drop. Facebook has removed deactivated and memorialized accounts from your likes and apart from the initial ego hit, this is good news. It’s good news because it’s cutting the fat off Facebook — deactivated and memorialized accounts – so you have “up-to-date insights on the people who actively follow [your] page,” according to Facebook. You want quality, not quantity, and Facebook is trying to make that happen for you.

What is a deactivated account?

When users get tired of seeing awkward engagement photos, they have the following options:

  1. Get rid of the account for-ev-er. Get lost Facebook.
  2. Temporarily suspend the account until they decide they miss stalking their ex.

What is a memorialized account?

Memorialized accounts are Facebook’s way of giving you the option of having a digital headstone; something for your loved ones to remember you by.

Learn more here:

Why remove these accounts from my like count?

Since deactivated accounts are completely inactive, they do not serve any purpose as part of your like count. Getting rid of them gives you real stats about active users and people who are actually participating with our page. Do you really want to use information from an account that hasn’t been used in years to find new fans? I think not.

Will I see less activity on my page?

Nope. If Facebook is removing a user, it’s okay because they weren’t using their account anyway.