New Employee Spotlight: Shivani Holds a Press Conference!

May 20, 2016

PHILADELPHIA — We’re reporting live from ChatterBlast Headquarters, Center City Philadelphia. It’s Friday afternoon, the first truly lovely spring day, and Shivani Desai, our newest Account Manager, just finished up a lunchtime press conference for all of us fellow ‘Blasters, as well as the entire world. We learned a lot about our awesome new team member. It was a productive experience.

What follows is a transcript of this press conference. The media embargo has been lifted. Buckle your seat belts, folks. This one’s a real Blast.

ChatterBlast Media: Hello Shivani. What were you up to pre-ChatterBlast? Give us the scoop.

Shivani: For a full year before ChatterBlast, I was back home in Kansas and planning my big fat Indian wedding! Literally, it was huge (we had seven events the week of the wedding). But before that, I worked at a social agency in New York City, helping clients find their voice by inspiring social participation and conversation for brands like Skype.

You’re new to Philadelphia. What have been some of your favorite parts about discovering a new city?

I love getting to know the people, learning about the city’s history, and really just trying to find all of the city’s “non-touristy” spots. There’s something very exciting about finding the little hole-in-the-wall bars and restaurants that have so much character in them because I think that’s where you get to really see the city’s personality come to life.

There she is! High-quality iPhone 6S image courtesy of Marc Snitzer. 

You’ve been working at ChatterBlast for a couple of months now. What have been some highlights?

Can I say everything?  The biggest event that I’ve been able to be a part of so far has been the Third Annual Charity Flip Cup Tournament and to be honest, prior to the event, I had no idea what to expect! I kept saying to my friends super proudly, “Oh yeah, my company’s running a Flip Cup Tournament this weekend. What’s your company doing?” Other than that, just getting into the swing of things and having some awesome laughs with my co-workers. We’re all pretty cool. [Editor’s note: We are cool.]

Give us your top 5 hobbies in alphabetical order!

Oh boy. Here we go.

  1. Binge watching any show that I’m currently hooked on, old or new (I’m lookin’ at you, Gilmore Girls!)
  2. Catching up with my besties with a good glass of wine
  3. Practicing my uber-fantastic photography skills in whatever city I’m traveling in at the time
  4. Reading a really good fiction book
  5. Spending time exploring Philly with my husband

I see you travel a lot. What has been your favorite place on Earth to visit?

I’m going to be a little cheesy about this, but I would have to say my favorite place on Earth to visit is Kansas and India. Kansas is where I grew up,  where I got married, and my parents still live there. It’s home. Most of my extended family still lives in India and while the actual trip itself isn’t very fun (15-plus hours on a plane), spending time with my family and especially my grandmother makes it all worth it.

Shivani is a pro traveler and travel Instagrammer. 

You’re currently the only Blaster that’s married—what is that even all about?

Guess he liked it so much that he had to put a ring on it! Please embed a Beyonce GIF below this, Marc.  [Editor’s Note: OK, Here we go.]

Kidding, of course. It’s weird being the only married person in the office – it makes me feel really old even though I’m only 28! But what can I say? He asked, I said yes, and I wouldn’t change one thing.

Tell me about something completely unexpected you’ve experienced at ChatterBlast since you started.

I’m typically a shy person and it can take me awhile to really open up and start voicing my opinions. As soon as I started at ChatterBlast though, something flipped and I started to notice that I was doing a much better job at taking initiatives and voicing what was on my mind.

What was even crazier for me was that everyone welcomed that! I had only experienced that sparingly in the past, so it was strange for me to hear “Shivani, we want to know what you think. Tell us what your thoughts are for this.” I was actively being encouraged and pushed to step into the gray, instead of staying in the black and white. That’s what I love about being here at ChatterBlast – we’re all on the same team, our goals are the same, and we all push each other to be our absolute best for not only our clients, but for each other.

Nice. What’s still on your Philly to-do list?

Everything! I’ve only been here 10 months, so there’s still plenty left for me to cover. I love “brunching” so I want to check out more brunch spots, spend some time exploring the Art Museum, and have a picnic in Fairmount Park. If there’s something you think I should have on my list, let me know or even better, join me!

Scenes from Shivani’s stunning wedding last year. The #FOMO is real. 

What’s your favorite social platform and why? What are some of your social media pet peeves (gym selfies, TMIs, overposting, etc.)?

Well, up until a couple days ago, it was Instagram because I’m a big photography nerd and I love seeing beautiful photos. However, now that Instagram is unfortunately slowly rolling out a new algorithm that removes the chronological timeline, I think it has to be Snapchat. I love how quickly it evolves, and what really excites me about the platform is seeing all the creative ways that brands are incorporating it into their strategies. It shows that brands are listening to what their audiences want (*cough Instagram cough*) and drafting up new ways to speak to them.

As far as social media pet peeves go, I find it quite annoying and slightly frustrating when someone shares and posts too many photos or status updates on things that are and should remain very personal. I’m all for sharing the exciting things in my life, but when it turns into topics regarding medical conditions (I’ve seen it), one’s frustrations with specific family or friends, or venting your job frustrations, there is a thin line being crossed, in my opinion. Save that for texts with your bestie.

As a closing thought, who is your favorite co-worker? You can’t say no one. You have to choose. (You can say Marc and/or Kyle).

Truthfully, I don’t have a favorite because I have a blast with everyone in our office. However, this does mean that the spot for “Shivani’s Favorite Co-Worker” is wide open. The title goes to whoever brings in cupcakes and wine!