Next Year, You Can Stay Home for the Holidays

Michael Tomasetti
December 29, 2011

Spreecast intent on putting the face time back into social networking

Look out YouTube, video sharing just got a lot more social with Spreecast, a new social media platform hoping to combine the magic of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype all into one fun interaction. Jeff Fluhr, the founder of StubHub, created Spreecast as a way for users to share and interact through video. What distinguishes Spreecast from peers YouTube and Skype is that four users can be live on camera simultaneously, streaming their

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conversation live while hundreds of others can watch, chat, and participate by submitting comments and questions to those on screen. Now that, my friends, is a PARTY!

And like any good party, Spreecast hopes to be the destination – for video sharing, conferencing, webinars and Q&A’s. This isn’t a place for your DIY works of art, the platform is best utilized for the exchange of ideas and thoughts. It’s conversation – not exposition. Leave the hugging cats for YouTube and conversations with Mom for Skype. When you”re looking to discuss videos hugging cats with Mom – and the rest of the family – then here comes SpreeCast. Founder Jeff Fluhr is banking on the communal aspect by allowing users to share their videos with the Spreecast community as well as through other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google .

Intrigued? Ready for your first four-way? Here’s how to get your Spreecast on:

  1. Go to their website:
  2. Click “Create a Spreecast” in the top right corner
  3. Select your channel, when you’d like it to air, and pick privacy settings
  4. Personalize the spreecast with photos, title, and add tags
  5. Set up your webcam
  6. Send out invites via other social networks
  7. Click “Start Spreecast” and you’re broadcasting!

Once live-streamed, Spreecasts are recorded and then made immediately available for playback and sharing. The platform is browser-based and built on Flash. By default, Spreecasts are public and designed to be social online casino but users can also create private Spreecasts as well.

Spreecast is still in the middle of their launch and working out kinks, but we’re excited about using the network to expand our client and personal relationships and think the sharing feature is its strongest aspect. Honestly, what Spreecast does well is that it allows users to connect and engage directly instead of passively watching a video.

Individual users might enjoy using Spreecast to learn new cooking tips, instructions on how-to ride a penny-farthing, or get the inside scoop on behind-the-scenes secrets from the Real Housewives producers. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez participated in a chat in September in which he announced an important product update. The editorial team for Al Jazeera”s The Stream has used it to broadcast editorial meetings and invite public participation.

Internally, Chatterblast plans to use Spreecast to interact with clients, partners and collaborators across the world and also save our ‘casts to use as teaching models to interns and junior teammates. Spreecast really gives that staid old conference call a good swift kick in the pants!

While watching one of the Spreecasts we were reminded of a split screen news television debate. That helped us realized that one of the most exciting features of Spreecast is giving users the opportunity for public discourse. You’re no longer watching or being watched, now you’re participating in a discussion. It further shows how social media continues to evolve into omni-directional discussion.

Allowing people to share their voices through video is always powerful. Take, for example,Time Magazine naming The Protestor as their 2011 Person of the Year. With YouTube counting one trillion hits on its site this year, Spreecast’s new twist on conversation might be VERY successful. YouTube was all about YOU talking to ME, and then me leaving a comment. Unlike many video sites that allow for declaration and proclamation, Spreecast allows for two-way organization. Or four-way! This is real-time tit-for-tat talk!

Give it a whirl, use it internally and then role it out with some daring partners. We are going to be test-driving this new tech too. Who knows, maybe next Christmas you’ll be caroling with your family via Spreecast!