Paperless Pursuit with Passbook

Hannah Tom
January 2, 2013

Have you updated your iPhone recently? Surprised with some of the new electronic bling? Hidden among many of the new updates is a truly handy tool for the digitally inclined: Passbook.

As if cyber-servant Siri wasn’t enough, Passbook is one of the new features added to iOS 6 that allows for the ultimate in organization! With Passbook, you can store boarding passes, movie tickets, retail coupons, loyalty cards and more on your iPhone. Warning: In order to use your virtual coupons and cards, you first have to download their free compatible apps from the App Store. Once you’ve completed the download and you’ve bought your ticket or added your store card, an option will pop up and enable you to add your card/ticket to your Passbook. Sounds complicated, not really… Let’s walk you through it.

If you want to use your Starbucks gift card or loyalty card from your iPhone, first download the Starbucks app; then click the icon that says “My Card”, then “Manage” and finally select the option that says “Add to Passbook”. Within the Starbucks app, you can select your favorite stores and through Passbook, you can receive automatic pop-ups of that payment casino card when you enter the store. Miracles!

For flights, Passbook will automatically display your ticket when you enter the airport and will even alert you with your gate number, as well as any flight changes that may have occurred. While Passbook can’t help you jet through security, you won’t have to worry about dropping or misplacing your ticket.

If you don’t want the pop-up notifications, simply click on the little “i” icon on the lower right corner of your card/ticket (within Passbook) and you can disable or modify the settings. The really fun part is discarding your ticket/coupon once you’ve used it. Hit the trashcan icon in the settings options and watch your ticket get virtually shredded right before you eyes.

Passbook is continually growing and linking up with new apps. Some of the other options currently integrated into Passbook are Fandango, Eventbrite, Amtrak, Square, Ticketmaster and Live Nation.

Passbook is a nod to the future of a paperless and “walletless” world. It is also great way to keep card clutter at bay and give you that “swipe-and-go” lifestyle. Or, if you are simply like ChatterBlast cofounder Matthew Ray, this is going to be such a relief to all the friends and family who have seen him rummage through his carry-on’s screaming “It was just here a minute ago!”

This post was written by Hannah Tom, a ChatterBlast intern. As part of her time here, Hannah looked into new and emerging technologies that are popping up amongst the new digital and mobile landscape.