Philly Eats: Top 5 Places to Spend Summer Fridays

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Danielle Assour
May 25, 2023

Summertime: We know it, we love it, we celebrate it. We may have not seen any snow this winter (what a weird time to be alive!) but we still ache for the days of warmth and Vitamin D.  

With the weather getting warmer and summertime just around the corner, that means two things for us Philadelphians: Summer Fridays, and patio/rooftop weather. Finally.

For some of us in the corporate world, the kick off of Memorial Day weekend means “early dismissal” on Fridays. A lot of agencies and businesses give their employees the luxury of wrapping up early on Fridays during the summer to kickstart their weekend plans (thanks ChatterBlast, love you!). Whether that means heading to the beach early or spending some extra time wandering the city, those few extra hours provide endless opportunity for happy, content Blasters.

So, in a city with a growing food reputation, and so many places to eat and drink, what better way to spend those shortened Fridays than at some of the hottest new (and old) local spots?

Warning: if you haven’t had lunch yet, this list may cause mouthwatering.

Liberty Point

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This is somewhere I will definitely be venturing over Memorial Day weekend. This new spot opened up summer 2022, and what says sun and fun better than an outdoor bar with water views? Three levels with seating, five bars, tacos, and $11 cocktails? I may never leave. Liberty Point is located along Columbus Boulevard, just east of Old City. 

Cantina Los Caballitos

Summer after summer, Cantina Los Caballitos has never failed me. It’s not exactly in my neighborhood, but it’s walkable on a summer day, located in the trendy East Passyunk area. This is a go to for tacos, wings, margaritas, margaritas, and margaritas! Their covered porch smack in the middle of all the Passyunk action personifies exactly where you want to be on a Friday in June when 3:00 PM hits.


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Ah, Parc. A Philadelphia staple. When friends come to town and ask for the quintessential Philadelphia restaurant, I send them to Parc. There’s nowhere better to sit outside and people watch than a Friday happy hour at Parc. You get the hustle and bustle of those leaving for the shore, moms pushing their strollers through Rittenhouse Square, and people passing by making their way to their own happy hour. Oh, and you also get the world famous bread basket. Parc is definitely one of the bougier spots on this list, but if you’re in the mood to spend a little extra for a seafood tower and some rosé, this is definitely your place!

El Techo/Condesa

El Techo is a trendy new spot in Rittenhouse that has good vibes, good tacos, and good margaritas. (I’m sensing a trend here with margaritas and tacos, are you? Sorry not sorry. Something about summer Fridays and margaritas just seem to click!) This spot is new enough that it’s still on my to-do list, but they have a downstairs restaurant with open air seating (Condesa) as well as their rooftop with another bar (El Techo). Whether you want the casual bar vibe upstairs or a sitdown meal downstairs, this spot has what you’re looking for.

Bok Bar

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A South Philly classic. Bok Bar is a restaurant and bar located on top of the old vocational school, Bok. This classic building has been repurposed into studios, small businesses, coffee shops, restaurants, and the rooftop bar I’m referring to here. This summer, the rooftop bar will be featuring partnerships with local restaurants and chefs. Plus, it’s one of the absolute best spots in Philly to catch a summer sunset! 

Bonus Spot: Local Parks

I know we said this was a list of 5, and this isn’t even a particular place, but I would be remiss not to mention the natural beauty that exists in our city. Philly is blooming with parks (not to be confused with Parc) in absolutely every neighborhood. Whether it’s Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square Park, or the grass along the Schuylkill River Trail, sometimes there’s nothing better than getting some sushi takeout, bringing your own snacks (or bottles), and laying down a blanket with some friends on a Friday evening in the summer. These parks give us a little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, so take advantage of them! 

I’ll be making a point to visit all of these over the next few months, where will I see you?