Point/Counterpoint: It’s Going Down in the DMs (But Should It?)

March 22, 2017

We all have heard the phrase “sliding into somebody’s DMs.” If you haven’t, well that’s just what Urban Dictionary is for(Warning: NSFW.) Here’s the clean version: when someone Direct Messages you through a social media platform with the intent of seeking “intimacy.” Maybe you’ve seen a few memes or even participated in said “sliding.”

There’s somewhat of a negative stigma surrounding this form of digital communication. Some say that “sliding” into one’s DMs is in poor taste. Some say that it’s just another valid form of connecting.

So, is “sliding into the DMs” classy or trashy? Junior Blasters Toni and Terrance are here to set the record straight and square off in this controversial and hot topic. 

Business Inquiries

Point: Terrance

Instagram is a great self-branding tool: Users display the moments of their lives that they want others to see. What better way to create and gain exposure than on your own platforms, where you can find peers, see what they’re up to and DM them to start that connection, as well as find people that you think could be an asset to your brand and inquire about prospective partnerships.


As our social platforms increase in ubiquity within society, so will the rise of the DM.


In 2017 Social Media could be a great way to inquire with someone that you think is beneficial to your business or brand. Specifically for social media influencers, how else should these social celebs market themselves, no contact info needed just DM, you can see their brand, their content, and have an easier means of contacting them.

Networking makes the world go round, in order to do anything worth doing you must be connected with like-minded people, with the same goals and ambitions as you. Direct messaging could be the new email is all I’m saying. As our social platforms keep increasing in ubiquity within society, so will the rise of the DM.

Counterpoint: Toni

I see where you’re coming from in terms of self-branding, but how personal is too personal in regards to business? Obviously, we know to keep our social channels appropriate for employers, but do employers really need to see that social/personal side of you when reaching out for business matters? I feel as if the whole thing is a tad invasive.

As for employer recruiting, that’s what email is for. You can’t even send a resume through a DM. If I’m going to market myself professionally, I’m going to utilize tools such as LinkedIn and other job-seeking websites.

While networking is important, there’s a time and place. How are you gonna get to know someone from a tweet? People can be very different on social media than they are in person. On social, you’re putting your “best foot forward,” so it’s important to have an old-fashioned face-to-face interview to get the “real deal” when it comes to hiring. You can’t toss a filter on real life.

An example of a DM being slid into. 


Point: Toni

Eye contact and face to face encounters are key in creating a connection. In this day and age, meeting someone in person is becoming near obsolete. I don’t think there is anything more meaningful than in-person, one-on-one, conversations.

So, Terrance, you’re going to tell me that if you’re looking at pictures on someone’s Insta, you’re wondering about their personality and sense of humor. Come on now, first impressions are one thing but there’s no way you can feel “love at first sight” from someone’s selfie.

Bring back old-fashioned romance. Is it just me or have people these days lost their sense of romance? Now I’m no “girly-girl” but a nice rose here or there goes a long way. Call me old school, but if a guy calls me on an actual

phone, it means a lot more than a few sentences typed out on Instagram.

Counterpoint: Terrance

Toni, I do agree face to face connection is important, but in 2017 I’m seeing that matter less and less. 35 percent of all relationships start online, so they say. That being said, much like Tinder, Match, or OkCupid, Instagram could also be the driving force into finding your significant other. Of course, Instagram is driven by photography. Direct Messaging opens up the opportunity to converse and get to know the person behind the account.

Social Media Etiquette

Point: Terrance

Since social media is the new frontier and makes connecting with people way easier, who says that a direct message is not good social media etiquette? Hinting at the business side again, I feel as if a simple DM can open a lot of doors for integrating ideas and collaboration with like-minded people.

On a social side, remember last year Toni? That dude from your Intro to Ad class in freshman year followed your page and DM’d you. You’ve been waiting for him to notice you but he might’ve been too shy to speak in person or didn’t know an appropriate way to approach you. Why wouldn’t you engage in a direct message conversation with this guy?

That’s why.

Counterpoint: Toni

I see your point, social media is definitely taking over near all facets of society. Although, with that comes unspoken guidelines that tweeters, Facebookers and Instagram-ers everywhere generally follow. A few of these unspoken rules are things like:

I know personally I’m confused when a random person DMs me, and evidently, others feel the same.

In regards to approachability, that’s a tough one. I understand that he may have been nervous, but confidence is a key. Plus, that DM from him was super creepy. No matter if it’s through dating, professional life, or simple encounters, it’s important that people are able to communicate face to face and not feel strange about doing so.


Valid points made by both parties. So, next time you get that notification for “one unread message,” will you reply or hit that delete button? Chime in with a comment below or on Twitter.