Reporting Live: Cecily Tynan On The Social Media Forecast

Craig Beyerle
January 30, 2015

If you’re like me, you’ve spent the past years watching Cecily Tynan give us the weather forecast on 6abc during the 5pm, 6pm and 11pm news. But what I’ve come to realize is there is so much more to her than just the weather…

When Cecily isn’t busy gathering data and reporting the latest AccuWeather report – she’s busy clearing the clouds on social media. What makes Cecily 0%-chance-of-precipitation-like on social media is that she puts her fans first. She posts round the clock updates (because we all know how quickly weather can change) and shares detailed opinions that highlight her expertise. But most importantly, she doesn’t limit herself to only weather-talk.

Cecily answers and responds to almost every tweet and Facebook post she receives. If you have a question your dying to know the answer to – even something like “Do you wish you could wear green to work?” – she’ll most likely answer. Just take a look at these…


Maybe you’re like me and wanted to know why she keeps her hair short. Ask her and she’ll tell you.

We’ve all come to notice how Cecily has become a fashionista, so if you want to dress like her, she’ll tell you how!

Cecily is also the mother of two beautiful children, so sometimes her motherly instinct kicks in – because she cares!

Clearly, Cecily is on top of her game on social media and lucky for me (if you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a huge fan), I got the chance to interview her to get her thoughts on social media.

Craig Beyerle: You are noticeably active on Facebook and Twitter. Is there any other social media platform you would like to venture onto? If so, which one(s)? 

Cecily Tynan: No. Between my job, my family AND Facebook and Twitter, I would say my schedule is pretty much filled.

CB: We’ve been able to learn a lot about you from social media, such as your incredible skills when it comes to water skiing. What’s one thing we might not know about you?

CT: I used to want to be a professional ballet dancer.

CB: I can imagine you get tons of questions on Facebook and Twitter every day, yet I seem to notice you always do your best to answer each question. Do you find it important to develop a relationship between you and your community?

CT: Absolutely! I try my best to answer as many questions; it is a great way to interact with the 6abc Action News audience. We have wonderful, loyal viewers. I feel as though social media interaction can only strengthen our bond.

CB: Would you say social media has impacted the reliability of weather reporting? How do you think social media will impact the future of weather reporting?

CT: I believe our AccuWeather forecast is always the most reliable. But, it gives me the opportunity to explain my forecast more in depth and answer any questions viewers have.

CB: I know you have two adorable children – who are growing up fast! What are your thoughts on allowing your children on social media, or are they active on it already?

CT: My children are NOT on social media. I am going to keep them off of social media for as long as possible. I’ve already lectured them about online predators!

CB: What is one thing social media has taught you about yourself? What has it taught you about your fan base? 

CT: It has taught me how to grow an even thicker skin. Although 99.9% of all the comments are positive, there are some haters on social media. I’ve learned to ignore them and it has shown me how protective my fan base can be! Often, my social media friends put a person posting an offensive remark in his/her place very quickly. I am extremely grateful for my fans and the positive relationships we’ve developed!

When meeting Cecily it was clear to me that she recognizes the importance of social media and how she is using it to her advantage. As the social media expert, Cecily, you keep doin’ you on Facebook and Twitter!

After fulfilling a dream of mine, meeting Cecily, my trip to 6abc didn’t stop there. They were kind enough to give me a tour of their building, check out the news center and take a look behind the scenes.

Ever wonder what it’s like in the studio? Here’s a look at Brian Taft doing the 4pm news.

And a trip to 6abc would not be complete without a picture with Jim Gardner.

Side note: if you’re not following him on Twitter – you’re missing out. He sometimes even tells you what he ordered for lunch.


Thank you to the incredible staff at 6abc for making this possible – and to Cecily Tynan for answering my questions.