Rest in Peace, Vine. And Now, Our Favorite Vines.

Marc Snitzer
October 27, 2016

It’s a sad day, readers. Vine just announced that the looping video platform will soon cease to exist, as Twitter has decided to put it out to pasture. Emerging in 2013 as a decidedly unique take on a video-first social platform, Vine’s strict six-second looping format was, akin to Twitter’s 140 character constraints, integral to the platform’s identity.

While Vine never completely took off in the three years of its prime growth period (Instagram‘s subsequent video capabilities and the rise of Snapchat helped ensure this), its impact was certainly massive as a niche network for creative teenagers, a developing ground for Web 2.0 celebrities like Shawn Mendes and a pioneering platform for pushing the boundaries of social media’s video-centric capabilities.

Above all else, Vine allowed its users to explore just how inventive they could get within a tightly defined format.

We here at ChatterBlast are really thankful for the sheer creativity and inspiration Vine has exposed us to over the past few years. So while we mourn the loss of such a unique platform (Vine ensures that it will be preserving all content for the foreseeable future, but take that with a grain of salt), we also took the time to collect some of our favorite vines of all time. Honestly, a few of us started crying from laughing so hard at our desks at these brilliant, beautiful vines. Without further ado, the CBM Vine Hall of Fame.

Goodbye, Vine.