RIP Snapchat? Evaluating the Pros & Cons of the Latest Update

June 1, 2018

I think we can all agree that Snapchat has gone through some rough patches over the last year. And for those of you that may not be active Snapchatters, here’s a little recap of the havoc that occurred quickly after the update was released:

To put it nicely, the mobile app needed an immediate redesign of its redesign. Ouch. But listen, not everyone was upset about the update.

Resident Snappers Jackie Kollar and Diego Hernandez are here to hash out its pro and cons:

Friends and Discover tab, aka SWIPE RIGHT

Pro Update:

Jackie: One simple swipe to the right brings you to an all-encompassing discovery page, showcasing updates from your friends, subscriptions and content from publishers. It’s a one-stop shop for content and stories. For me it works great, I’ll check out my friend’s stories and end up making my way down to the content I’m interested in. At the end of the day, it’s an advertisers dream.

Anti Update:

Diego: It’s a mess. Too much in one place. Too focused on paid partners and not users. If we wanted to see spam and ads we would just watch TV.

How friend’s stories are displayed

Pro Update:

Jackie: I’ll admit, this one took a little getting used to. Being able to see only three user’s stories displayed at a time feels a little constricting, but let’s talk about the low key stalking that can be done now that each story gives you a little preview before actually opting in to view the story. I’m not clicking a story unless it looks juicy.

Anti Update:

Diego: If you don’t update, you can see at least 10 stories at once, and you still have all of your streaks easily visible. You don’t have to go searching for your friends story or get that text “Did you see my snap yet?” Or “I showed you, it was on Snapchat!”

WARNING before the next story

Pro Update:

Jackie: This is by far my FAVORITE part of the app update. Nothing is nicer than a figurative slap in the face to let us know that you’re about to go into another user’s story. There is nothing worse than when the stories would keep on rolling from one user to the next.

Scenario: Yes I want to see Derek’s and Steph’s story, and NO I don’t want to opt into John’s story. John is the worst. But if the story feature just keeps rolling without letting know know who’s story is up to bat next, well, then I’ll be checking out John’s awful story. Sadface.

Anti Update:

Diego: No shame, no pause necessary. Endless stories. Endless fun… Stalking or regret? That’s for you to decide

Chat list, now “Friends,” aka SWIPE LEFT

Pro Update:

Diego: Similar to the consolidation of content on the discovery tab, a quick swipe left brings you to the friends tab, where you can view Snaps sent from your friend’s list, groups you’re active in, and if you’re feeling adventurous – the add friend feature. Again, it’s a one-stop shop and an OCD organizers dream <3.

Anti Update:

Diego: Pre-update, you’ve got your all combined, 1-stop shop, easy-to-view message platform all in one place. You don’t have to go through the horror of wondering if you sent the right person the right snap.

This all begs the question: To update or not to update?

Well it really depends on a few things:

Are you using Snapchat actively or passively?

a. I’m here to Snap with friends, it is social after all.

b. I’m here to view stories and content. Takin’ it allllllll in.

How do you like to view content?

a. I gotta keep it separated.

b. I don’t have time to click around – keep it organized and in one space.

Do you lurk, or not care?

a. IDGAF who sees what I do.

b. I’m careful about what I view, and who sees my viewing activity.

If you’ve answered “A” to the majority of these questions, warning DO NOT UPDATE or get the old Snapchat back, and if you’ve answered “B,” then welcome to the new Snapchat. You’re gonna love it. Eventually everyone else will. Just like how we all fell in love with the Kardashians.