#RTArmageddon: Philly Twitter Never Forgets Your Bad Takes

Kyle Krajewski
June 19, 2017

Photo Credit: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Non-sports fans: Please bear with me over the next couple of paragraphs. You’ll likely find the culmination of what’s happening on Philly sports Twitter hilarious and/or petty. Either way, you’ll find quite an interesting social media phenomenon.

For those of you who are sports fans – Philadelphia sports fans especially – you’re probably familiar with the name of one Sam Hinkie.

Former General Manager of our beloved 76ers, Hinkie is famous for his role in “The Process” – a plan consisting of a few years of risky trade deals and purposeful losing in an attempt to set a mediocre franchise up for a potentially bright future in the NBA.

The Process was simple:

  1. Make calculated trades sending away current players in return for future assets in the form of high draft picks.
  2. Lose for a few years in the process (heh) and secure more assets. Use said assets to acquire tangible results in the form of better, younger players.
  3. Win championships.

The reception of The Process has been one of the most polarizing subjects in sports over the past five years. The people that hate the idea, hate it. The people that love it, love it. And I mean really love it.

Yeah. That much.

The leading voices of the glorious cult of the Process Trusters have been Spike Eskin and Mike Levin, hosts of The Rights to Ricky Sanchez Podcast, the only Sixers podcast. Not only are Eskin and Levin responsible for the banner-raising party above, but are also founding members of Retweet Armageddon Congress.

Over past few years of losing, Sixers fans on Twitter were instructed by Congress to save mean tweets about the Sixers and The Process from members of the media. Eventually, after The Process ultimately proved successful, Retweet Armageddon would strike, exposing the opponents of The Process for their awful takes.

Today – as day Sixers made official a trade that used Hinkie’s assets to cash in on a future NBA star – Congress voted “YES.”

The results were both remarkable and painful.


There are three ultimate morals of the story of Retweet Armageddon:

  1. Choose your hot takes wisely.
  2. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.
  3. Always Trust the Process.