Snapchat and Oracle’s Big Fat (Data) Wedding

January 24, 2017

Surprise! (Not really.) Snapchat is stepping up its social advertising game yet again.

A new partnership between the Snap-machine and our friends over at Oracle Data Cloud is moving forward, which means the world of puppy dog filters is about to meet the world of #bigdata. Say it with us: Daaaaaang.

ICYMI, CBM + Oracle = BFFs

Smart move, Oracle. With more than 150 million Snapchat users and Oracle’s quality offline purchase data, it’s the perfect advertising storm.  

Here’s the skinny: To help businesses reach their advertising goals, Snapchat will utilize Oracle’s data, such as loyalty card programs and past purchase behavior. Like Facebook and Google, data collection will be sourced from Datalogix.

If you didn’t know, Oracle’s Datalogix provides detailed offline purchasing data, a.k.a. just what Snapchat is seeking: top-notch audience targeting and the ability to measure the impact it all has on sales. Sounds like a dynamic duo to us.

Adweek reveals Honda, STX Entertainment, Kia and The Honest Company are the first set to test out the new targeting tool. They’ll be looking for you on discovery and stories.

So, let’s get to the obvious question: What does this power move mean?

Yes, Snapchat is popular and has many partnerships when it comes to advertising and measurement, but now the floodgates are open to third-party data. With this, Snapchat is going to beat the odds and prove that their advertising methods create ROIs for businesses.

All this targeting chat may make you feel a little weary about your privacy, but don’t worry—Snapchat will allow you to opt out. Simply head over to your settings, tap manage preference, then ad preferences, and select off for “Snap Audience Match.”

Speaking of Snapchat, the Blasters got into a bit of a (friendly) argument last week about the app’s “my story” feature versus the rival offering provided by Instagram.

What do you think: Do you still snap your stories, or have you become a ‘grammer?