Snapchat’s New Update Is Outta This World

Craig Beyerle
April 12, 2016

What’s going on with everyone’s favorite disappearing ghost? A lot, to say the least.

Recently, Snapchat users saw a major update that not only changes the way we can use the app but also elevates it into a new playing field. While snappers are still obsessed with all the fun and creative lenses (now updated daily), Snapchat just made a massive overhaul to their chat feature.

Heavily populated by key target demographics (ages 14 to 24), Snapchat’s updated chat features rival Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Kik. While the chat option is nothing new to Snapchat, since it was introduced more than two years ago, they have primarily focused on sharing images and videos.

Until now.

What’s Chat 2.0 All About?

OMG Look At This! You can now record 10 seconds of video and send to your friend in a chat. Oh, and it’ll keep looping until you close out! #Awesome.

Our Song Is On: Maybe you’re in the middle of chattin’ it up with your friend and then all the sudden you hear “Formation.” You can now send audio of you singing like Beyonce.

Me trying to sing “Formation” to former Blaster Jess.

Call Me, Maybe? Why waste your minutes (is that still a thing?) when you can now make audio and video calls through Snapchat? And while you’re on the call, you can send photos and chats to give some live updates.

Did You See That? Or This? OR THIS?! In Chat 2.0 (yes, that’s what we’re calling it now) you can now send multiple photos at once.

Stickers! Another feature users saw was the introduction of 200 new stickers that can be deployed during chats. No word if this has anything to do with Snapchat recently acquiring Bitmoji for $100 million. But it probably does.

It’s important to recognize that none of these features are new in the digital world. However, what they all have in common is that they keep users on one app, which is crucial for any major app developer.

Where Is Snapchat Heading Next?

Snapchat could be the only social platform that is showing no signs of slowing down. With the increase of advertising opportunities, on-demand geofilters and the updated chat feature, all eyes are on Snapchat. The idea of videos and messaging vanishing, thought to not be a success, has seemingly proved everyone wrong as the popular app continues to see growth in its fifth year.

The future of Snapchat isn’t disappearing; in fact it’s reaching more users than ever. Snapchat reported that 12 percent of its 50 million daily users are between ages 35 and 54. This allows for major business opportunities because Snapchat isn’t just reaching millennials anymore. We’ve seen movie promotions, heard new music first and watched live coverage of worldly events and disasters.

It’ll be interesting to watch Snapchat over the next months, continuing to change the world of social media and reevaluate what is considered to be a success. 

What’s your favorite part about Snapchat’s latest update? Let us know in the comments.