So Long, Snitz

November 21, 2017

Well, by now you’ve probably heard the rumors. And we’re sad to report that they are indeed true. Our baby bird Marc Snitzer is all grown up. It’s finally time for us to toss him from the ChatterNest and watch our lil guy fly.

As you can see below, we weren’t handling the news so well early this morning. But the day that followed was in some ways an adventure and in others, just a regular day at the office. We think that’s just what we needed on a day like this.

And we wanted to make sure to take you through it with us:

In all seriousness, over the course of his two and a half years at this company, Marc has proven himself to be one of the brightest, most genuine, and all-around great guys that any of us here at ChatterBlast have had the pleasure of knowing.

Not only has his creativity helped to push the work that we do to new levels, but his unique and extraordinary personality has been a crucial component of ChatterBlast’s culture as a company and a big part of the reason why it is a joy to come to work here everyday.

Thanks for being you, Marc. We’ll miss you dearly, but are excited to see what the road ahead will bring!

(P.S. We’re headed off to Marc’s karaoke goodbye party as we speak. Follow along on our Instagram Stories to join in on the fun!)