Social Media: The Fabric of Our Lives

Steve Cisowski
December 7, 2010

ChatterBlast just completed a social media consulting project for Loop, a local Philly store that sells high-end yarn and knitting supplies and operates a profitable national retail website. The store already maintained anactive blog, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter pages and even its own group on the knitting community siteRavelry. With all of these platforms, however, how would Loop “knit” these pieces together into one cohesive social media strategy and take it to the next level? We consulted with Loop to solve this task, and to drop as many clever knitting references in meetings (and blog posts) as possible.

We first created a comprehensive strategy, or “social media marketing playbook,” that allowed Loop to navigate the social Web and coordinate their marketing efforts appropriately. This strategic guide included an analysis of Loop’s current properties, a competitive review, recommendations by specific platform and additional ways the business can wisely expand its reach to influential groups and individuals in the knitting community.

The ChatterBlast team then executed the second phase of the project to expand Loop’s social reach. We launched a Facebook advertising campaign targeting users interested in knitting, crocheting and crafting in the Philly region and its surrounding areas. We also launched mobile Foursquare deals for Loop, rewarding frequent visitors and first-time customers with discounts on purchases. Finally, we assisted Loop in the launch of an interactive online sweepstakes targeting knitting aficionados in the top 10 national DMAs and inviting them to join the Loop Facebook community for a chance to win a gift certificate to the online store.

We knew knitters were out there in the wooly world of social media, but did our efforts to keep them “in the Loop” work for our client? How much success did we have in “stitching” them all together and encouraging users to participate in as many “threads” as possible? Well…since the start of the campaign, Loop has seen extraordinary growth in its social reach and the online community is more active than ever. We exceeded Loop’s Facebook fan goal by a whopping 286 percent and have increased traffic to Loop’s retail site and blog by over 50 percent. As a result, Loop saw record-breaking sales in October and November. We know it sounds hard to believe, but we promise we aren’t spinning a yarn!