Stepping Up to the Plate with the Spring Junior Blasters

April 27, 2018

Picture this: Four new recruits join the ChatterBlast intern team (CBM nham sayin’?). They arrived in January looking pretty beat up with Starbucks and Wawa disposable coffee cups in hand. All those social media classes couldn’t do ‘em justice—they came here for the real thing.

What would this internship have in store for them? For one, it guaranteed more coffee, more early mornings, and more ways to say more things, like saying this right now (meta, we know).

But this wasn’t your ragtag Sandlot-type backyard baseball team. This was ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD. Sent from the creative depths of Temple, Rowan, and uh… West Chester… they were ready to do the damn thing. Heavy hitters, if you must. Babe Ruths. Cal Ripkens. The Benchwarmers, minus the benchwarming.

David Spade would be proud, despite the “is David Spade even funny” controversy (please participate in our Doodle Poll about whether or not David Spade is funny). What we are saying is this new group of interns started off as sluggers—rookies, really—but they were drafted for a reason.

Meet the Rookies

Nate: Copywriter intern from West Chester University (yes he does that commute, often with the help of Radiolab). He usually runs on six hours of sleep, motivation, and coffee. Words are his thing. He’s currently on the lookout for a company that likes his words and wants him to write more of them. When he’s not writing or reading for class, you can find him getting dubs in Fortnite, running around the streets of West Chester, or, occasionally, attempting to grow his fan base over at @mindsnippets on Instagram.

Position: Pinch runner. Nate gets social copy and blog posts done in a jiffy. If you need someone to churn words out and fill up a page with some clean copy, Nate’s your guy. Certainly a faster writer than some. (Looking at you, Katelyne Ortega.)


  1. Witty copy for Hitachi: 9/10
  2. Swedish fish connoisseur: 10/10
  3. Politely responding to Ty’s gifs with gifs: 6/10
  4. Ignoring Ty’s gifs: 9/10
  5. Talking himself out of panic attacks because of three seminar classes this semester: 8/10
  6. Dark humor: 9/10
  7. Writing this list: 7/7

Thoughts on David Spade?


Ty:  A Temple University junior studying strategic communication coming from the development league (aka took a class taught by the creative director) got his shot as an account management intern. This rookie’s skillset is scheduling posts, doing engagement and conducting solid research. When he’s not giving all his blood, sweat and tears to CBM, you’ll find him listening to records, napping and eating.

Position: Second base. Though the position can be difficult, it is extremely enjoyable. It’s all about making the impossible possible—and looking good while doing it.


  1. Snacking: 10/10
  2. Sending gifs to Nate: 15/10
  3. Receiving gifs from Nate: 11/10
  4. Conducting research: 10/10
  5. Scheduling content: 9/10
  6. Singlehandedly keeping the Wawa across the street in business: 10/10
  7. Engagement: 4/10

Thoughts on David Spade?

I honestly like David Spade for the most part; I really enjoyed him in the 90’s during SNL. The Emperor’s New Groove was one of my favorite movies growing up. (Editor’s note: That was him? Oh.) I busted my gut laughing the first time I saw Benchwarmers, so it is pretty safe to say that I like David Spade.

Katelyn: A Rowan University senior studying public relations and advertising who is getting ready to graduate in two weeks. (Yikes.) She spends her days on PATCO traveling back and forth to ChatterBlast to work as an account management intern and trying to figure out what to do with her life come May 10th.

Position: Shortstop. She can handle all the questions and comments thrown her way on Twitter and rarely lets one get by. For her, engaging with the Philadelphia Flower Show’s biggest fans (and critics) on social media is just as easy as getting the runner out at second.


  1. Eating M&M’s: 12/10
  2. Engagement: 7/10
  3. Answering Flower Show questions: 9/10
  4. Getting distracted on social media: 10/10
  5. Scheduling posts: 6/10
  6. Answering to “the Kates”: 11/10
  7. Research: 9/10

Thoughts on David Spade?  

He’s alright.

Cindy: New copywriting intern from Temple University majoring in English, which is synonymous with coffee and zero sleep. Happy to finally get her break into the agency world. Leaving the institution called college and sending out job applications. She likes to recharge her batteries by watching YouTube videos, pretending to be an Instagrammer and sleeping.

Position: Third base. She’s slow on her own feet but that’s because her brain is coming up with witty copy and interesting blog posts. Just when you think the deadline is approaching, her hands are flying across the keyboard to finish that last sentence (with a pun thrown in).


  1. Drinking coffee: 10/10
  2. Writing copy: 10/10
  3. Jamming out to Spotify quietly: 15/10
  4. Tagging friends in Facebook memes: 18/10
  5. Stinking up her desk with oranges: 10/10
  6. Staring at nothing: 7/10
  7. Interacting with people: 3.5/10

Thoughts on David Spade?

Who’s David Spade?

And now, the seasoned vets:

When it comes to playing the field, these interns know what to do. They’ve spent the past several months writing copy, creating graphics, designing social strategies, scheduling posts and more. Much more. You can learn a little more about Stephanie, Matt and Katelyne by reading their past intern blogs, but for now, let’s take a look at those sharp sets of skills and what’s next for these old heads.

Stephanie: Graphic design intern from Temple University studying advertising. You might find her on YouTube watching different After Effects tutorials so she can master her motion graphics technique. Other than design, she loves video editing and photography, so she’s staying back just to do that.

Position: Catcher. She’s involved in every. single. play. Whether her day calls for creating motion graphics for vybe urgent care, original blog headers for CBM, visual campaigns for Einstein Health, or social media images for the PPA, she can do it all. Sometimes, even all in one day. Think this is too much for her to manage? Think again. Steph knows exactly how to manage her time here at ChatterBlast (or so she says).


  1. Graphic design: 10/10
  2. Pulling her hair out because she can’t animate a graphic: 9/10
  3. Getting way into the design zone: 9/10
  4. RBF: 20/10
  5. Listening to KPOP groups no one knows: 10/10
  6. Tuning out everyone’s voice: 14/10
  7. Being warm: -15/10

Thoughts on David Spade?

Who’s David Spade? I only know a David Blaine.

Matt: Gritty account management intern. Not pretty, but gets the job done. Getting the call up to the big league this summer.

Position: Starting pitcher. A good game manager who knows how to ensure things go smoothly.


  1. Scheduling tweets: 10/10
  2. Engagement: 8/10
  3. Wasting time on Twitter: 10/10
  4. Being friendly to new interns: 2/10   
  5. Hospice information: 10/10
  6. Tracking harvest hours: N/A
  7. Showing up everyday: 9/10

Thoughts on David Spade?

Everything after Joe Dirt was lame. Best role was in Tommy Boy, knocked it out of the park. (Pun intended to fit the format of this blog.)

Katelyne: Retiring CBM copywriting intern from Rowan University who spends the day alternating between hundreds of open tabs, usually including, Pixabay, Twitter and Google image search results of Danny DeVito. Should be looking for a job, but Europe’s calling.

Position: Right field. It might seem like she’s doing nothing but kicking around dandelions all day, but what she’s actually doing is waiting for her next big idea about how to make urgent care content somewhat bearable.


  1. Office snacking: 10/10
  2. Creating copy:  8/10
  3. Adobe Illustrator: 5/10
  4. Healthcare comprehension: 9/10
  5. Unnecessary noises: 7/10
  6. Asking stupid questions: 14/10

Thoughts on David Spade?

Just shoot me.

In the end, we make a complete team, and we are happy to represent the Junior Blasters. We’ll keep swinging, even when we aren’t repping ChatterBlast on our back. The experience here is one that will all keep in our hearts and remember as foundational. Right, David?

Thanks for the #preciousmems, ChatterBlast.