Super Bowl LII: Legendary TV Ads Meet Social Media

Grace Stasky
January 31, 2018

The road to victory is about to turn a final corner for the Philadelphia Eagles, our home team, and the…IDK, someone else. Super Bowl LII has proven that the underdogs can overcome years of loss and retaining loyal fans, while the big dogs get lost along the way.

CBM joined the bird gang.

If you’re like me, game time is halftime. JK. ADVERTISEMENTS. It’s my Christmas morning. My 16th birthday. My everything. I will be surrounded by blankets, snacks and my begging dog during the Super Bowl, drooling over the hot, controversial, tear jerking, hilarious ads.  

What might seem obvious during this time, is that my phone is in my hand.

During the Super Bowl last year, Facebook reported that 64 million people joined the conversation on Facebook and 44 million on Instagram. Think about that number.

All marketers—traditional and digital—can benefit by connecting TV ads to social media. It’s time to buck up in 2018, mobile first. Stop playing yourself. A majority of our time is spent on our phones. It’s a bad habit, but we do it anyway. Last year’s Facebook and Instagram numbers prove this to be even more true. I would bet a good percentage of those people were most likely at a Super Bowl party or even at the big game browsing and posting on social media.

One of CBM’s favorite commercials last year was obviously the Stranger Things 2 trailer. The release date was dropped, along with all our jaws. Not only was the ad amazing, but they also extended it to social media.

This Instagram video alone received more than a million views, mad likes and a whole lotta comments.

Users were able to share their excitement through the post with friends. It was more than just posting a status about the trailer. Connecting TV and social has proven high success with awareness, engagement and continuing the conversation online.

So what advertisements should we look forward to this year? My top three picks are:

  1. The Olympics. Less than 20 days away. Plan on breaking out the tissues.
  2. M&M’s. The chocolate delight gave an alternative preview to their ad. I laughed.
  3. Bud Light. Two words: Dilly Dilly.

Are you excited yet? The ads will be flowing, the Birds will be flying and I’ll be drowning in a sea of ads on ads on ads.

Go Biiiiiiiiiiiirds!