#TeamChatterBlast Goes For More In Year Four

Craig Beyerle
August 17, 2016

Hey folks. Co-captain Craig here. I’m excited to announce that #TeamChatterBlast has officially registered for the Bike MS: City to Shore 2016 for the fourth year in a row!

While last year we were devastated to hear that for the first time ever, the ride was cancelled (shout out to Hurricane Joaquin) but that didn’t stop us from being one of the top Diamond Teams (aka raising over $25K).

This year, we’re getting back on the saddle and looking to outdo ourselves for the fourth year in a row! But we can’t do it alone—we’re going to need YOUR help to achieve our new fundraising goal of $30K.

We know it sounds like a lot, but some of you have already donated if you attended our 3rd Annual Charity Flip Cup Tournament. But that was four months ago and as we approach the one month mark, we have to shake you down again.

Why Should I Donate?

There are so many reasons why, but let our MS Society representative, Caitlin Smith tell you best:

Locally, there are 17,000 people living with MS. That’s 17,000 people who rely on programs and services from the Greater Delaware Valley chapter to continue to live their best lives. Your donation impacts the lives of local people. It keeps them moving and living an independent life while living with a disease that can be incredibly isolating.”

How Can I Donate?

There are a few different ways you can donate. The easiest is by visiting our team page here and smashing that Donate button. You can also individually donate to any #TeamChatterBlast member, including  Craig, Matt, Evan, Jackie, Justin, Kyle, etc.

I Want To Be Part Of #TeamChatterBlast!

Awesome! We love new members. Click here to signup and be apart of our team.

Over the next month, #TeamChatterBlast will be hard at work fundraising, biking all across Philly and raising awareness for the MS Society. As anticipation, nerves and excitement begin to set in for us, here’s what some of us have to say about this year’s ride!

“’I’m excited to ride with #TeamChatterBlast this year and get out of our office for a good cause. We have a lot of energy stored up from last year that we need to release on the pavement!”

“It was pretty disappointing for all of us last year to have gotten rained out of City To Shore. Our returning members were great coaches to our new recruits, and the whole team was psyched to really blow the ride out. But this year is a chance at raising even MORE money and riding even harder. I am really excited that our team is even BIGGER than last year!”

“As I prep for my third year, and #TeamChatterBlast’s fourth, I’m super excited to how much our team has grown and how much we continue to outdo ourselves. Since we didn’t ride last year, I know each of us are eager to get out on the road!”

As we approach the final-month countdown, please consider offering your support to #TeamChatterBlast. We’ll see you out there!