Temple Vs. Notre Dame: The Social Media Showdown

Matthew Ray
October 30, 2015

It’s been a fabulous year for Temple University! Which means, if you believe in the law of transitive properties, it has been a rad year for all of us students, alum, or faculty of the Brown of Broad Street. (Editors Note: I am all three!) Where do I get off on saying that? Well, there’s this, and that, plus they hired me, and then this happened too, and then this. So yeah, it has been a great year for Philly (this and this and this) and it has been a SICK year for Temple. (Sick = great, you old person!)

So Owls, let’s not forget: This PR is good for the Temple brand, and that is GREAT for you. It elevates our school, which in turn makes our degree (even in Liberal Arts) much more desirable and valuable! I don’t necessarily believe that collage football drives a schools reputation, but that hasn’t hurt Penn State. What I do believe is that in a world where consumer decisions are influenced strongly by OTHER consumers, we Temple Owls must recognize how important our school pride is! Like the gay rights movement told us, “Be loud and be proud!” Positive social media engagement shows off our school in a powerful light, and makes Temple (and Philadelphia) an alluring option for high school students. People are attracted to attractive people, and they are won over by winners. Or babies! Or #Templemade babies!

This weekend, Temple will battle the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame! As a person of Irish descent, I would normally cheer for any university that boils my cultural background down to a ridiculous sports mascot. We Irish love to fight! But, as an Owl – I am going to be cheering on my home team.   And as a social media professional/professor, I’ve decided to help all Owls by giving you a few simple pointers for this weekend’s big battle. Lets crush them on the field, and in the digital space! 

Go Big Or Go Home!

Find the digital equivalent of face-painting, and do it! Refresh your social media profile pics for Saturday. Put on your best Temple attire. Paint your face red. Dress like an owl. Just do it. Spice up your selfie stream with some cherry and white colors! Check-in, take Owl-themed selfies… WHATEVER. Really blow it out on game day and make sure the world knows what side you’re rooting for. Don’t be one of those people to hop on the bandwagon after the victory. History hates a coward.

Please find some amazing imagery here to download for your social media accounts:


Be Polite

Being proud of your school does not require being rude to one another. Let’s treat the Fighting Irish with respect, dignity, and good sportsmanship. Especially on social media! If you see a troll or flamer creating a nasty atmosphere, tell them GOOD DAY, SIR. We are Owls, not mongrels. Behave like your mother is watching you at all times – even when you’re tweeting. (Especially when you are tweeting!)

Follow The Influencers

I don’t know a damn thing about football, and I don’t think at this age in my life I really will be able to pick it up too quickly. But half of being a thought leader is knowing what thought leaders to follow, so I’ve made sure to absorb all the information blasted by these outlets:














And the only hashtag to use is #TempleMade. And use it for everything you do, you Temple Titan! Its been cleverly created to be MORE then just a football rallying cry. 

Wrap Up All The Above And Tweet @CollegeGameDay!

My college sports insiders whisper that having those dudes from CollegeGameDay here in Philly is a BIG DEAL. This is the FIRST time they have come to the City of Brotherly Love! Let’s show them a good time. Tweet them your Temple Pride, in a polite (but brazen) manner, and make them want to come back again! Maybe some day Drexel will have a sports program worth covering! We can dream, right?

So for Saturday…

Whether we win or lose, all Owls should remember to be vocally loud and proud. This IS our season! 7-0! Congrats to the coaches, players, band, team, administration, groundskeepers, lunchladies, and rich-alumni-who-funded-the-whole-thing. BRAVO! A little bragging, bravado and brazen backslapping is understandable when it comes to your alma matter. Follow these rules and we can show the world that Temple is a first class school.