The #10YearChallenge…But with a Twist

Stephen Tornetta
February 6, 2019

Anyone who has been on Facebook and Instagram lately is more than likely familiar with the #10yearchallenge, a trend starting around the new year in which people compare photos of themselves from both 2009 and 2019.

And the best one…

I didn’t particularly love this viral moment—I hadn’t quite figured out my signature haircut in 2009—but it got me thinking about how so many pillars of our society have changed over the past 10 years.

Let’s do the #10yearchallenge, but for a company, a celebrity, and a social media channel. 

Company: Gillette

Gillette has always been known as a “man’s brand”, but 2019 brought about an evolution in their messaging. They’re taking a note from the #MeToo movement and commenting on the pitfalls of toxic masculinity in society, which is a far cry from their regular programming of buff men shaving in a steamy shower.

Gillette in 2009:

Gillette in 2019:

This new take feels fresh and in tune with the current vibe of the time. They did get some pushback, however, with #BoycottGillette trending on Twitter. Pankaj Bhalla, Gillette’s North America brand director, told CNN Business, “We expected debate. Actually a discussion is necessary. If we don’t discuss and don’t talk about it, I don’t think real change will happen.”

I think advertising history will look back fondly on this moment as Gillette evolved its messaging for audiences in 2019.

Celebrity: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has undergone a rebranding as of late, transforming herself from a blood-wearing, meat-slinging downtown performance artist into a serious actor worthy of an Oscar nomination.

Lady Gaga in 2009:

Lady Gaga in 2019:

The transformation hasn’t gone unnoticed, nor was it entirely unexpected. As an artist matures, so too does their aesthetic. Mother Monster has finessed how she wants to be perceived by what she wears and with whom she associates, and I’m here for it!

Social Channel: Facebook

It’s hard to believe, but Facebook was still in the middle of its climb toward worldwide domination (or just relevancy) back in 2009. 

Facebook in 2009:


Screenshot via Mashable

Facebook in 2019:


Since 2009, Facebook has evolved in countless ways, from the widespread use of advertising from marketers to the increasingly complicated issues with privacy. One thing’s for sure, though: it’s still the #1 destination for Aunt Joan to wish you a happy birthday. 

Who knows how the next 10 years will change Gillette, Lady Gaga, and Facebook. Will all three still be relevant by then? Only time will tell.

Maybe this blog will inspire Lady Gaga to post on Facebook about utilizing a razor to pop various balloons creating a cacophony of sound that’ll become the beat-drop on her latest single about empowering women. Anything is possible!