The 4th Annual Charity Flip Cup Tournament: FAQ

Marc Snitzer
March 2, 2017

It’s that time again, gang. The 4th Annual Charity Flip Cup Tournament is going down on April 21 at 7 p.m.!

Renowned flip cuppers from all over the globe will bring their A-game to Field House until one team has out-flipped ‘em all! ChatterBlast is delighted to be part of this event AGAIN, this year with our friends from Stonewall Sports Philadelphia. Stonewall’s commitment to charity and nonprofit organizations (they’ve helped raise more than $100,000 for LGBTQ nonprofits) made this partnership a perfect fit.

Check out last year’s pics and you’ll see what the big hullabaloo is all about.

If you suffered from a case of FOMO because you were too busy last year, now is your chance to get in. Rally up your best team and start practicing. But before game day, you may have a few questions.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is this—how do you say it? Flip Cup? How do I play?

Are you from another country? Did you not go to college? Allow these grandmothers to demonstrate.

How many people can play on a team?

This year, you can have up to eight (8) team members on a team. However, only five (5) team members will play in each game. You’ll be able sub team members into your game in between rounds.

Can I have more than 5 people on my team?

As mentioned above, yes. You will need to manage who plays during which games

I don’t want to play but I would still like to come and support. Can I do that?

Of course. Show up on game day and you can join as a spectator for $10.

What should I wear?

Beer is going to be everywhere, so wear something that you wouldn’t mind getting a little wet. We highly encourage an organized team uniform for overall morale and spirit. Come looking radical. 

Will tickets be available at the door?

Sort of. The only tickets available at the door will be for spectators. All team participants must purchase their tickets in advance.

How does my team win a game?

Each game consists of five (5) rounds, so matches will be determined by a “Best Out of Five” system.

If we lose our first game, are we out of the tournament?

There will be an open hour of gameplay from 8 p.m.–9 p.m. Here, you’ll warm up, sip some beer and get ready for the tournament. Be warned though: Once the tournament starts, it’s single-game elimination. You lose, you’re out.

What? One hour of open play?

Yes, we know each team has to get warmed up before they take home the winning prize. You’ll have from 8–9 p.m. to play other teams, scope out the competition and strategize how your team will flip its way to the top.

So, if my team is out, do we still enjoy the event?

If you paid the money, you get the deal! We’ll have various tables set up for fun so you can continue to play flip cup all night long against other teams, enjoying your free beer!

Help! What if my diet excludes things like gluten or alcohol?

We will offer a cider keg for all gluten-free flip cuppers. For those who wish to play sans alcohol, we will have numerous beverage alternatives available.

What does the winning team receive?

A gorgeous trophy and bragging rights for the entire year! Adulation of your peers, and the inner warmth of knowing you’re the best.

What if I have more questions?

You can always shoot ’em over to

Want in on the action?

Purchase your tickets here and make sure you RSVP to the event here.