The 5 Best Meme-Inspired Costumes We Saw This Halloween

Valerie Hoke
November 1, 2019

Toward the beginning of fall, we made our predictions for the most popular costumes during this year’s Halloween festivities. And while none of those predictions were necessarily inspired by memes, it only seems appropriate that we bid farewell to Halloween 2019 by scouring the ‘net for this year’s funniest and most ridiculous costumes born out of internet virality. 

Here are the best meme-inspired costumes we found this Halloween. 

The Legend of Lakynn 

Though it probably now qualifies as a classic meme, the baby name chalkboard heard ‘round the world had another moment in the spotlight this Halloween. I wonder what Pinterest-inspired costume Lakynn’s mommy put her in this year.

Fiji Water Girl

Not only did this gal nail her Fiji Water Girl costume, but she also fully committed to the persona by strategically photobombing all of her friends’ photos of their costumes. Brava.  

“Fr e sh avoca do”

Any ode to the lost land of Vine is a win in our books. This detailed tribute to a timeless classic is further complemented by the powerful “RIP Vine” photo backdrop. RT if u cried. 

Pierre Delecto

Fresh off the discovery that Mitt Romney owns and operates a rogue Twitter account under the moniker “Pierre Delecto,” a handful of folks took the opportunity to dress up as a meme barely past its infancy. (Romney’s grandson also went this route with his Halloween costume, leading gramps to declare him #OutOfTheWill.) 

30–50 Feral Hogs

Talk about something with serious group costume potential! Respect to this gal and her bounty of feral friends, of which I’m only counting 28 (but I’m choosing to trust that the remaining hogs are hidden by her selfie-taking arm). 

We could hand out endless amounts of honorable mentions, but then we’d probably be here until next Halloween. What was YOUR favorite meme-based costume this year? Let us know!