The Blasters Do San Francisco!

September 13, 2016

Ah… San Francisco. The Big Apple, baby. The Windy City. The City of Angels! Beantown. 

Oh, wait. Hold on. Our glasses got fogged up.

In perhaps the most quickly organized trip in ChatterBlast history, four members of the CBM fam are headed to San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld 2016. (Or #OOW16, as far as we’re concerned.)

Oracle OpenWorld is a massive, five-day conference where the brightest brains in tech, IT and business come together to learn and talk about all things innovative. You know: the cloud, the Internet of Things, big data and stuff like that. Blasters Evan, Matt, Shivani and Valerie will be there to provide live social media coverage of the conference on behalf of Hitachi Consulting.

Here we come, baby. 

So how are we going to make all of this happen?

From the beginning, it’s been clear that our strategy would focus on three goals: provide real-time coverage, amplify the Hitachi message and direct the digital conversation.

#OOW16 is anchored by keynotes, breakout sessions and intelligent discussions, but there’s also plenty of fun on the books. By dividing our strategy between thought leadership surrounding conference topics and buzzworthy activations surrounding events, receptions and the occasional Sting and Gwen Stefani concert, our social channels will be the go-to sources for conference coverage.

Truth is, we’ve been working really hard to pull this project together. After all, we’ve only had about four weeks to make it happen. But it’s been one of the most exciting, fulfilling opportunities we’ve ever had to kick our creative brain cells into high gear, and we’re grateful for it. Yes, even with all the early mornings and late nights at the office.

We briefly interviewed our traveling Blasters before they take off.

Evan, what’s the cloud?

Evan: The pretty things in the sky!

Shivani, what kind of cool, cultural experiences do you hope your trip will entail?  

Shivani: Is there an In-N-Out in San Francisco? [Editor’s Note: There is.]

Valerie, how do you plan to spend your free time in San Francisco?

Valerie: Pretending my name is Raven Baxter and that I’m having a vision, obviously.

Matt, what are you most excited to do in San Francisco?

[Silence. Matt stares off into distance. We assume his brainwaves sound something like this.]

Want to see what we’re up to all week?

Be sure to like Hitachi Oracle on Facebook and follow @HitachiOracle on Twitter and Instagram. If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to attend OpenWorld, you’re in luck — our goal is to make you feel like you’re there.

Then, for all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that can only be expected of a CBM adventure of this magnitude, stay tuned to our personal accounts as well.

Shivani: @ShivaniKaria / @skaria87

Valerie: @valperiepal / @valperiepal

Evan: @TheUrbanian / @theurbanian

Matt: @matropolis / @instamatropolis

And, of course, our ChatterBlast Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you’ll be at #OOW16, be sure to let us know so we can meet up for a chat, drink or cable car ride.

Bon voyage!