The Eagles Social Media Team is the Real MVP

Kyle Krajewski
February 9, 2018

So my beloved Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl this week and I’m sorry but I am never going to stop talking about it. What has transpired over this past week and season means a lot to me in a few of different ways:

The first obviously being that the Eagles have been a huge part of my life since I was just a wee little baby. Having a family that is deeply rooted in this city, it is natural that my parents are both huge Eagles fans. My parents’ parents are huge Eagles fans. I don’t know my parents’ parents’ parents, but I assume that they were too. It’s the same for a lot of us here.

Being such, our Eagles fandom is a core component of our relationships. It’s a reason we get to bond and spend quality time together. It’s an excuse to call each other and talk about something. It’s something that, no matter what else is happening in our lives, remains constant.

Here’s a “meme,” my dad made me in Microsoft Word last year.

In fairness, we say that every year.

For almost 60 years we’ve talked about it. And this week it happened. So it was special for us! That was evidenced by the number of strangers we hugged on Broad Street Sunday night.

The second reason it means a lot (and could for anyone, football fan or not) is for the sole purpose of inspiration personally. The team is full of genuinely good guys. And they won. Despite endless amounts of adversity. See: Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long, Nick Foles, etc. See also: Jason Kelce’s parade speech.

The third of many – and the one I’d like to talk about most in this moment – is inspiration professionally. I’ve written about this before, but social media for professional sports brands in the best in the biz.

I realized as I was watching the following video one of the thousands of times I watched it Sunday morning, that, as great as this season and moment have been, their social media team have been just as good. They’ve enhanced the fan experience. And you could even say they’ve been sports social’s MVP this year.

It still gives me chills!

And that’s not the only one. The amount of this type of A+ content this team pumped out on weekly basis all season long is just absurd. Like I said, it enhances the fan experience and connects users more closely to their brand and team.

It gets you excited:

It tells stories:

It makes you laugh:

It makes you laugh more:

It makes you cry:

It makes you feel closer to the team and the product:

It provides for you:

Wallpaper Wednesday on the Eagles’ Instagram stories encourages users to screenshot high-quality photos for their personal phone backgounds.

It keeps you updated:

It’s simple:

Visually, it’s incredible:

The sponsored content is incorporated in a way that is both engaging and fitting for the brand:

I can’t get enough. The season and the parade are over, but I’m still finding my way back to the teams feed to relive it at least partly how I had lived it originally: in real life with the social feeds providing engaging commentary on that experience.

I just wanted to take a moment to give the Eagles social media gurus credit where credit is due. Bravo! We didn’t forget about all of the hard work they put in this year alongside the team.

Now they should go take some much deserved time off!