The Original Social Media: How Handwritten Letters Brought Two Interns Together

December 1, 2017

Editor’s note: Earlier this week, we introduced you to “The Real Interns of ChatterBlast,” a.k.a. the ladies from our current batch of interns. Now, it’s time to tell another half of the story: a story so powerful you’ll be, as the kids say, shook. Perhaps even shooketh.

Now, it’s time for you to meet Mitch and Matt: our two account management interns for fall 2017, affectionately dubbed #MitchMatt by the rest of the group. This is their story.

Mitch: Smart phones, laptops, and instant messaging has become the go-to method for people to communicate with each other. Meanwhile, it looks like hand-written notes and letters have been kicked to the curb.

Let’s be honest: no one has the time for that. Because you know, time is money, especially when you have a five by three inch box you can speak into to do all the work for you. So, why waste time writing by hand?

Most handwriting (like mine) can be difficult to read, and rarely do people bother to include the details. However, when done correctly, the power of a handwritten note or letter should not be underestimated. It takes time and even more effort to write well, but more people appreciate it.

Now imagine for a second that you’ve received a handwritten Christmas card from an old friend you haven’t spoken to recently. Imagine how you feel. Do you throw it away? Hell no. You keep it and write (or text) back to thank them for their card—or at least you should. The handwriting, tone of voice, and physical card is all a representation of the effort they put in.

And that brings me to Matt. My penpal, my fellow account management intern at ChatterBlast, and most importantly—my boi. Isn’t that right, Matt?

Matt: You got that right Mitch! Let me explain to everyone how this whole thing started. Mitch and I met on the first day of our fall internship at ChatterBlast for our onboarding. We immediately struck up a rapport: we were both students at Temple University, had interests in sports and were eager to work together throughout the semester.

Little did we know that our encounters would be few and far between. You see, Mitch and I have completely opposite school schedules, so while I’m in class he’s here at ChatterBlast, and vice versa. The crushing reality soon set in that Mitch and I wouldn’t be able to build on our friendship in the normal way.

Mitch hoping that he will one day see Matt again.

This leads us to “fact or crap”: a game the interns and CBM Operations Manager Johanna (Joh) play when the day is dragging on. Here’s how it works: Joh reads off a wacky statement, and we have to determine whether it is a fact or crap. Then we keep track of who gets the most correct answers. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to reach out to Mitch, so I placed my name next to his on the scoring sheet and our team—the team of a lifetime—was formed.

In order to explain how I’d set up our team, Joh gave me a ChatterBlast notebook and suggested that I write him a note. Little I did I know that this would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

What was your reaction to that first note, Mitch?

Mitch: When I walked into the office, I remember seeing the notebook while Kelsey (another CBM intern) and Joh were impatiently staring at me, waiting to see my reaction. To be honest, I was pretty confused at the time. Then, as I opened up to the first page, #MitchMatt was born.

Editor’s note: Idk about you, but this GMH.

As you can see, the relationship between me and Matt is far more than Fact or Crap. Soon after Matt’s first letter, we began to share stories, update each other on our lives, and even give advice on whatever projects we’re working on at the time. This is something I grew to look forward to every time I stepped into the office.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the office was as loving to our relationship as we were (@The “Real” Interns of ChatterBlast). Some have even attempted to break us apart and turn us against each other. Of course, they always fail since we’re stronger than that…and I’m sure you can imagine how I’d feel if they succeeded.

Mitch crying real tears.

After a few months of exchanging letters back and forth, I began to realize how relieving it was to take a break from my laptop or phone. Spending a few minutes each day to write down some random thoughts really makes a difference. I’m almost always online in some way, but sometimes you just gotta chill with it. I’m gonna make the argument that you should step away from the screens and shift to pen and paper every now and then.

Matt: I totally agree with you Mitch. I think our writing back and forth was not only a great way to get to know each other, but it was also a nice escape from staring at my laptop or phone all day. I know that for me (and not to get sappy on you Mitch) these notes back and forth felt more personable than just sending a text or email and grew our friendship way more than those other mediums could.

I wish that more people would write me notes or letters—I mean, I got excited to read little notes from a guy that I only spent a handful of hours with, so I can imagine that my excitement would only increase if it was from people that are close to me.

For a better understanding of just how close these letters were able to bring us together—and show the lady interns that they can’t bring us down by writing slander in their blog about us—here are some fun facts we learned about each other!  

Facts about Mitch (by Matt):

Facts about Matt (by Mitch):

Now take the first word out of each of our facts about each other and make a sentence (cc: the “real” interns of ChatterBlast).

To wrap this all up, Mitch and I are issuing a challenge to all who read this. During this holiday season, take some time out of your busy day filled with texts and emails to handwrite someone a letter. We promise you won’t regret it.

Share your newfound love of writing with us by using the hashtag #MitchMatt on Twitter!