The Secret to Curating an Amazing Instagram Grid

Gianna Leto
August 29, 2018

Hello, readers. Welcome back. Take a load off. Grab some snacks. It’s learning time with your favorite CBM Instagram correspondent. (Me.) 

As you probably already know, social media is all about projecting an image, especially on my personal platform of choice, Instagram. To cut to the chase, if you don’t have the content, then don’t bother posting. Unless, that is, you want to see diminishing followers and minimum post engagement.

Since I’m a social media professional and an expert show-off when it comes to my Insta feed, I’m going to teach you the basics on how to make your grid the best around. Since this is a 101 course, I’ll start with a rule I like to call the three Cs: colors, consistency, and cohesiveness.

1) Colors

Your Instagram feed is your own personal branding platform. Which means that you need to follow a solid color scheme to keep you on brand. The color palette you choose should reflect your personality and character traits to help tell your visual story. For example, my feed tends to include a lot of black, neutral, and darker toned colors since I’m moody, mysterious, and an all-around a-hole.

People who know me know that my sarcastic vibes, undeniable charm, and larger-than-life personality all come together through my chosen color palette. My color scheme matches me as a person, and when people visit my page, it just makes sense.

2) Consistency

When I talk about consistency, I talk about consistency in both posting frequency and high-quality content. If you’re not posting enough, people will assume you fell off the face of the earth and click that unfollow button faster than I inhale my three-roll lunch special from the sushi joint down the street.

The secret here is not to oversaturate your feeds with non-quality content, but to ensure that you push out posts at a reasonable pace, all while delivering engaging content for your audience—even if that means dropping some serious #latergrams, #fbfs, and #tbts.

3) Cohesiveness

Cohesiveness brings us full circle by explaining that the content you publish must be in the same “family.” For example, my feed consists mostly of pictures of me or my friends, out and about, being young and adventurous. If I started posting fitness tips or inspirational quotes all of a sudden, people would probably be both confused and unengaged.

When you build your audience through following one tactic, it’s hard to change that with a drop of a hat. Knowing your audience and giving them what they want while being true to yourself is crucial in building a successful feed.

Well, there you have it, everyone: my top three tips on how to create a #flawless Instagram feed. I bet you can’t wait to get started and be forever beloved by your adoring followers. You’re welcome.