This Hashtag Will Make You Want To Create Better Content

Kyle Krajewski
September 15, 2017

Perhaps the most important thing to do when working in social media – or any creative industry for that matter – is, every so often, to just take a step back and evaluate the landscape.

No, I don’t just mean to keep up on your buzzwords and all of the “current trends” you like to read about on your favorite #thought #leader’s blog. A lot of that stuff is bullshit. I don’t believe that is going to change how you work or empower you to do something extraordinarily creative.

You have to look at other people’s actual work and find things that are going to challenge not only your ideas but your limits and abilities for storytelling on these platforms. So yeah, that’s kind of the long way of me stating the super obvious truth that getting yourself inspired is the best route to doing better work.

So I’ll share what inspires me to strive to try and get better at stuff: Social media in the sports industry. I’ve talked about it on this blog a couple of times before. Sports naturally lend themselves to great storytelling. And, as such, I really think they allow for the people doing the storytelling online to push the boundaries for what’s possible.

The best way to track all of this #  I  N  N  O  V  A  T  I  O  N within digital storytelling is by following a simple hashtag on Twitter: #SMSports. It’s one that social media managers of teams from all levels and fans generally use to highlight the best of the best. You don’t even really have to care about sports to care about the content. Strictly as a social media person, this stuff is pornography.

Let’s have a looksee at what’s going on in there lately. 

Let’s have a lookse.

In-game motion content.


Timelapse cover video.

Better than video, imo.

Phone backgrounds via Insta stories.

Just incredible video work.

A little nostalgia.

A little bit of everything.

Ahhh. Sponsorships.

It’s not always good!

But it usually is.

Listen. I could go on forever with this. Just check it out for yourself. It’s very good.

At the very least find something like this that gives you the urge to do something better. You may think you’re good at what you do, but there’s always someone better who is doing something way cooler. And probably having a lot of fun doing it.

Stop doing the same old stuff.

Learn something new.

Take more pride and ownership in what you create.

That’s all I have to say. Ok? Have a good day.