TikTok Trends: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

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Alex Failla
December 6, 2023

Breathe in the crisp autumn air, witness the cascade of falling leaves, and gaze upon the twinkling night sky—it’s that magical time of year! Yet, as the season of joy unfolds, so does the impending dread of gift-giving, triggering a symphony of fight, flight, or freeze. But fear not! For I have ventured into the depths of the digital realm, scouring the earth through the ever-scrolling landscapes of social media.

Behold, a meticulously curated list of trending treasures from TikTok Shop and eerily specific targeted ads, ensuring that the unique characters in your life receive gifts that shimmer with the magic of the season. In this age of gifting, finding the coolest presents is no longer a challenge, but a delightful journey through the boundless realms of online creativity and personalized suggestions (plus, y’know, you’re already scrolling on it anyway).

Criss Cross Chair

This is a perfect gift for the girl, gay, or they who is incapable of sitting properly in a chair (no seriously, this is an actual problem). With easy assembly of about five pieces, a very wide seat and back support, this chair is great for working from home and for folks who do a lot of desk work. 

Paint Puck

A must-have for all the artists and DIY-loving painters in your life. This easily cleanable and practical gift acts as a small palette and paintbrush cleaner. It’s also compact enough for easy travel to all the paint-and-wine nights you’ll be planning in the new year (because let’s face it, it’s cold and we don’t want to be outside)!

Facial Massager

Perfect for the skincare enthusiast seeking that clean, fresh, effortless spa-treatment look without the spa-treatment prices. This gift boasts facial massage comfort with skin smoothing results. 


I love thisfacial therapy machine so much, its helped my beauty routine so much. I love using the red light on my under eyes and I can see such a difference. If you want to have that filter look in real life this is one of the best tools I can recommend. It will help you stay away from toxic filled products and have natural beauty. Im so happy its on sale! I had to share before it runs out! #beauty

♬ original sound – LightwithKristi

Galaxy Light

Are you shopping for younger kids with dreams of being an astronaut, your nephew who just entered his stoner phase, or maybe you’re just afraid of the dark (it’s perfectly normal to be a 28 year old man and still be scared of the dark, okay)? This little astronaut-shaped galaxy light projects a whirling display that fills any room with excitement and wonder. 

Canvas Tote Bag

As a young professional, I know that we’re constantly on-the-go. I also know that we love purposeful pockets and ingenious storage. Yes, I speak for all of us. This canvas tote bag has a pocket for just about any knick-knack-patty-whack-give-a-dog-a-bone thing you can think of and I may just be ordering one (or five) for myself right now. 

Electric Spin Scrubber

Got a neat-freak or clean-clown in your life? This electric spin scrubber will make their Sunday deep clean so much easier. With an array of different accoutrements there’s no way soap scum, grime, dirt, and dust is escaping their new little toy. 


My FAVORITE tiktok shop purchase!! This is worth every penny in my opinion. I will 100% repurchase if mine ever quits on me 😂 #tiktokshop #tiktokshopdeals #cleanwithme #reset #viralspinscrubber #labigospinbrush #tiktokshopfinds #tiktokshopviral

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Elastic Laces

I know I hate tying my shoes (this has nothing to do with my childhood) so I’m sure there’s someone in your life that hates it as well. These elastic laces keep your shoes securely on your feet while allowing for easy removal, and they even work with the super stylish chunky Converse everyone has. Now that’s a time saver! 


When you see me getting a pair of these laces for every pair of shoes that i own, mind your business! #tiktokshop #breadlaces #productreview #review #shoes

♬ original sound – summernoel

Cordless Vacuum

I don’t know if it’s a part of aging, but one day you’re 21 and bar hopping, the next you’re almost 30 and really into vacuums. Like, really into vacuums. It consumes me… This cordless vacuum has been trending on TikTok Shop for months now, and it seems to be the perfect find for all your friends with pets! 

Magnet Battery

Tech-lovers unite! This magnet battery is perfect for your iPad-baby boyfriend or anyone else in your life whose screen time might be borderline concerning. Never fear having a low battery again with this portable, easy-to-use, slim, and powerful charger. 


Never run out of juice with the Anker 621 Magnetic Battery.#anker #ankershop #Tiktokshopblackfriday @AnkerOfficial

♬ original sound – Ankershop_US

DeerRun Walking Pad

The perfect find for your walk-loving, slow-jog enthusiast friends. Lightweight and super sleek, this walking pad is very easy to store and great for getting some exercise without needing to go outside and deal with the weather (or people). 


🌟 Hey friends! Looking for ways to stay healthy and active while working from home? 🏡💪 Look no further than incorporating a dynamic fitness routine into your daily WFH schedule 🌈✨ So, whether you’re new to running or a seasoned pro, let’s make fitness a part of our WFH routine! Find your rhythm, set achievable goals, and celebrate your progress along the way. 💕 And don’t forget to hydrate and nourish your body with wholesome foods to support your fitness journey. 💦🥦 📸: @Bryn Sato Use the code DRMINI for $10 OFF ✨ FOLLOW DeerRun for more information and discounts #deerrun #workout #walkingpad #treadmill #underdesktreadmill #wfhfitness #fitnesslover #homegym #hometrain #homeexercise #homeworkout #workouttips #fitnesstips #keepmoving #workoutvideo #fitnessmotivation #fullbodyworkout #stayfitstayhealthy #wfh

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And so, dear readers, as the winter winds whisper their festive tales and the twinkling stars adorn the night sky, our journey through the enchanting, terrific, trendy holiday TikTok list comes to a close—and my algorithm is absolutely ruined because of it. So really, if anyone deserves one of these gifts, it better be me. Happy holidays!