To The Cloud And Beyond: Dispatches From Oracle OpenWorld

Shivani Desai
October 6, 2016

We came.

We saw (read: tweeted).

We conquered.

That classic idiom we all know and love, coined by the one and only Caesar as he achieved victory against Pharnaces II, is also apt for Team ChatterBlast and our adventures in San Francisco at Oracle OpenWorld (#OOW16)!

As my colleagues so eloquently described before our big trip to the West Coast, this was more than a trip. This was an experience. A jaw-dropping, exhilarating adventure unlike any we’ve seen before. (Maybe I’m exaggerating a little.) And Valerie, Evan, Matt and I survived to tell the story!

In a trip that was planned in less time than it takes to say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” it’s safe to say that Team ChatterBlast had our hands full as we found ourselves planning and coordinating live and impactful social strategies on behalf of Hitachi Consulting at #OOW16.

With five full days of keynotes and breakout sessions by powerful tech biz people like Larry Ellison and Safra Catz, a trip to the Sonoma Raceway with three-time Indy500 winner Helio Castroneves (and subsequent Facebook Live session with Castroneves) and a VIP reception (featuring a DJ Spin School and an incredible aerialist), there was so much to share and weave into our overall digital strategy. Needless to say, we did.

You Want Highlights? We’ve Got ‘Em.

At the Sonoma Raceway, our adrenaline was pumping, creative juices were flowing and cars were racing. Castroneves may not have placed, but his energy and excitement charged up the entire #HitachiOOW team!

Next up: Larry Ellison’s big-time keynote presentation, baby. Oh boy. What an experience. Lar Bear. The Elli-inator. Big Lar himself. Not only is Ellison a talented, concise speaker, but he has no problem shaming the competition. I’ll refrain from naming names here.

Can you imagine our excitement when we were able to work with Castroneves and Hitachi Consulting’s Senior Vice President Phil Regnault on a Facebook Live broadcast in the trusty #HitachiRV? We were ultra psyched that both Castroneves and Regnault were not only up for doing the Facebook Live, but were actively excited and eager to help. They nailed it, if we do say so ourselves.

Oh, and the big party. Team ChatterBlast attended Hitachi Consulting’s VIP reception, live tweeting and “social”-izing with some of the industry’s very best as they finally had a chance to step away from the conference and relax a bit. There were aerialists swinging in the air, a DJ spinning the latest beats with reception guests, and the tastiest ice cream made live on-the-spot with liquid nitrogen.

Worry not, though! Not everything was work during #OOW16 – after all, we were in San Francisco. We made sure we had some time to play!

Take our dearest Matthew, for example. Nothing tells techies it’s time for lunch like our very own Creative Director taking the lead.

Evan, on the other hand, saved the day when he reviewed and analyzed more than 200 data points at the Sonoma Raceway. Impressive work, Evan-bot 5000.

These were some of the coolest, most exciting and fun moments that Team ChatterBlast had out in San Francisco. The whole trip was full of madness, craziness and all things social. We returned home exhausted, but supremely proud of our work. Major shout out to Hitachi Consulting for the wonderful opportunity. 

To check out all the fun we had in social, search the hashtags #HitachiOOW and #OOW16 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.