Twitter Hops On The Social Media Sticker Bandwagon

Grace Stasky
June 28, 2016

The rumors are true, baby.

Twitter is officially rolling out its latest update, #Stickers. What does this mean for Twitter users? Well personally, my dog will always have a pair of sunglasses or a cute graduation cap on. But for businesses, this could mean so much more. Here’s the facts on Twitter’s #Stickers update.

Image credit: Twitter

It’ll be quick and easy to spice up any photo.

First, take a photo. Then choose any sticker you want by selecting the “smiley” icon. Position the sticker wherever you want and tweet away. BOOM. Can’t be any simpler than that, right?

There’s a new spin on hashtags.

Photos with stickers will be searchable, just like hashtags. Simply tap on the sticker and a new timeline will appear with photos that use that particular sticker. We have a few guesses on which will be the most popular.

The #Stickers update is probably not on your account just yet.

Twitter says this update will be rolling out over the next few weeks. We checked our account – no margarita or snorkeling goggles available to add to our photos. Be sure to check in for testing photos!

You’re eligible to spruce up photos on iOS, Android, but not desktop.

Go ahead and express yourself while you’re out and about. Take a real time photo, add your hot new Twitter stickers and post that bad boy. Unfortunately, Twitter says no desktop use, except for being able to view and click on for the similar hashtag feature.

Now there’s more space for creativity and funny tweets.

Yes, Twitter is steering away from the 140-character count, but now with the searchable stickers, there will be less of a need for hashtags. Ran out of room? That’s fine! Pop in a sticker.

Which stickers are you looking forward to using? From the looks of it, there will be regular stickers, along with seasonal ones. With the ability to make photos more fun and engaging, just like on Snapchat and Facebook, we predict there will be a high increase of real-time pictures on our Twitter feed.

For now, the stickers will be free, but Twitter could potentially bring in a wad of cash from stickers. The growth of stickers on social media is popular and rapid. Who will be next? It was about time for Twitter. Stay tuned for crazy ChatterBlast photos. We will not disappoint.