We Have To Talk About This PHL Airport Tweet

Valerie Hoke
July 3, 2017

Last week, the world observed Social Media Day, and as a result, received a gift that no birthday, Christmas or Hanukkah celebration could ever surpass.

Y’all, it’s this tweet sent by the Philadelphia International Airport:

Look at that.

I just—wow.


Honestly, I’m so deep into the anatomy of this tweet that I don’t think I’m going to be able to move on until I blog about it at length.

If anyone can save this tweet, it’s Clippy. Image by Marc Snitzer.

First, can we talk about the you spelled a word wrong red squigglies? (Is there a proper term for those? I don’t know.)

Look at them. They are so THERE.

Some friendly neighborhood social media advice: You can get rid of those red squigglies! 

Allow me to demonstrate. 

Don’t you wish we all had “ignore” buttons for everyday life?

Boom, baby!

Also, to avoid those red squigglies completely, just type all of that into the tweet! That way, the hashtag and the mention will actually, you know, link to things.

It’s amazing that this glorious tweet somehow only has three retweets. How have more people not appreciated its beauty? Please, go RT to save a life.

Let’s look at it again, just because.

This is the beautiful cinnamon roll meme of tweets.

Moving on. Dat image!!!

Appropriate imagery goes a long way. What about a picture of an airport feature that’s relevant to social media, like maybe charging or Wi-Fi stations in the airport? A pilot in the cockpit smiling at his smartphone with a “No tweeting while flying!” caption?

This all begs the question: Was this a shitpost?

I don’t think so. And honestly? Thank god.

This tweet made my entire weekend. I am a better person because of this tweet.

Clearly, so is our own Marc Snitzer.

Phew. Maybe I can wrap up this blog and go back to regular work now? Maybe. IDK.

If you need me, I’ll be printing this tweet out and hanging it on my desk. Happy 4th, y’all.