What Up, I’m Vine, I’m 6, and I Died Last Year

August 22, 2018

Vine, sweet Vine—the social platform that brought together generations. From the Xs to the Zs and the Millennials in between, to the maybe three boomers that figured it out, we all bonded over the art form of six-second videos that repeated over and over and over.

Vine was founded in 2012 and officially launched in 2013. The two most common types of vines included comedy and music. It was the biggest app in the world in 2014 due to its quick and repetitive nature and the creativity that came from it.

People did crazy stunts for the mere chance of gaining popularity on the platform—so often, in fact, that “do it for the Vine” became a popular expression of desire for Vine fame. Whether it was high-quality cinema or straight from an old iPod touch, you could reach top-tier humor and have the whole world quoting you for the next three years.

But then, on January 17, 2017, the internet’s doomsday occurred. Vine died. And a little bit of all our souls died with it.

Long live Vine

Vine tragically left us for a number of reasons, but the biggest one to blame is Twitter, which bought Vine in 2012. Twitter itself wasn’t doing well financially and needed to make some cuts, including having to lay off 300+ employees. It decided to kill Vine and put that money somewhere else. (Editor’s note: There have since been rumors of a Vine rebirth called v2. Here’s that scoop.)

Vine also had considerable competitors, including Snapchat and Instagram. Snapchat users now had the ability to send 10-second videos, and Instagram released their super unique update with the ability to upload 15-second videos. All this raised a valid question: What was the point of Vine as a platform if people were simply posting their videos elsewhere?


Vine stars soon realized they needed to make a change if they wanted to continue their internet fame. Considering there were little-to-no ads on Vine, users couldn’t monetize their work the same way they could on YouTube or Instagram. So, Vine stars packed up their bindles and banjos, moved on, and switched platforms to generate a bigger audience (and make a lot more money).

If you were on the Vine bandwagon, high-five bro! We’re sure you’ve definitely made a friend or two from quoting a Vine and the other person understanding the reference. If you weren’t on the Vine bandwagon, then we suggest hopping on soon.

When it came time for us ChatterBlast summer 2018 interns to write a blog to wrap up our experience, we decided to recreate some of our favorite vines as a tribute to the sacred platform. Take a peek below if you’re in the mood for some six-second entertainment.


Stephanie Cao, Photo/Visuals Intern

I’m a senior advertising major at Temple University with an art direction track. You can learn more about me from the past intern blogs. Here’s a little secret that I haven’t told the world yet: I love Chipotle.

Favorite vine:

If someone at CBM asked me what I was getting for lunch, the first thing that will come out of my mouth is Chipotle. (Pasta second.) If you think about it, there’s nothing better than Chipotle, because one burrito bowl comes with all the necessities you need to complete the food pyramid. There’s the rice, chicken, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce, and who can forget about the guac? When it hits 11 a.m., you can catch me running to Chipotle on Walnut Street. My coworkers love to recite this vine every time I bring it back to the office. It sums up my life. So Chipotle, if you’re reading this, please sponsor me. You can contact me at stephanieccao@gmail.com.


Ally DeVita, Graphic Design Intern

I’m a soon-to-be Temple graduate this December with a major in advertising (art direction) and minor in digital media technologies. On any given day, you can find me watching Dirty Dancing, singing karaoke to “Down” by Jay Sean, or eating brie or goat cheese with dates (please don’t make me choose).

Favorite vine:

What is a croissant? Flour, butter, water, milk, sugar, salt, yeast, and an egg, according to the Land O’Lakes recipe. But could it be more than that? Could the man who almost dropped his croissant see it as more than wasting his delicious pre-dinner snack? As a bread lover myself, this question has haunted me for some time. Like the man in the vine, I feel an emotional connection to food, and honestly, it’s pretty painful to imagine if he did drop his croissant. You can tell from the distress in his voice how much that fluffy pastry means to him. Would it not be a true tragedy if he lost possibly the only part of his day that brought him happiness?

I’m looking too far into this. There’s a 50/50 chance there’s no deep connection here.


Eric Ryan, Copywriter Intern

What up, it’s ya boi, Eric: West Chester English Guy and Semi-Pro Santa Impersonator. I’m currently the middle of perfecting my persona of an awkward 20-something hipster. I like Star Wars and writing essays about why we should still love baseball, damnit. I’m always trying to bring style and flair to my words so that I can write the most dope blogs and tweets.

Favorite vine:

I want you to take a look at this vine. Its cacophony of wonderful noise begins slowly as the toddler realizes the truth. Something smells like beef. It’s her. The small utterance is a confirmation of the self, the actualization of a person who has achieved their full potential. She repeats the phrase softly, yet still a bit louder. It is the great awakening of the inner spirit of a free toddler. Then, once and all together, she bellows out the phrase yet again, triumphantly into the sunrise as she becomes truly one with herself and her smell. She smells like beef. Then, as quickly as we met this toddler, we are once again left in the dark, only catching a glimpse of a person who is whole. This is me. I am Eric, and I smell like beef.


Hannah Eadie, Copywriter Intern

As a senior advertising major at Temple University with a copywriting track, I’m a simple gal with an affinity for One Direction, minimalistic jewelry, and all things crime and paranormal.

Favorite vine:

This vine represents me at my core self: the version of me who sits on the couch eating potato chips and french onion dip with a Law & Order: SVU marathon on TV on a Sunday. This is my prime. For someone who really hates gore, I love crime shows. I’m aware it’s ironic. Crime, ghosts, conspiracies—I can talk about, listen, or watch these genres for hours. I would say I want my life to be a Dick Wolf production, but I’m perfectly happy leaving my love for his work to fictional television. The first time I saw this Vine, I laughed for 10 minutes. The comedic timing is uncanny. The naked life-size Barbie! The violent throw! The infamous dun-dun! It’s an entire episode of Law & Order: SVU in six seconds. I can’t stop repeating it. If you’ve never seen it, watch this vine. And then binge Law & Order: SVU. You’re welcome.


Celeste Rosato, Account Management Intern

Just a suburb-raised gal tired of saying she lives “right outside Philly,” I live off of coffee and reassurance from others. I’m a junior advertising student with a concentration in account management and media planning.

Favorite vine:

Alright. Buckle up and get ready for the cutest, funniest and purest vine ever. Making its debut in August 2015, this vine helped launch the avocado hype around the globe. Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The caption for this vine is “when you’re really good at pretending you like your gifts.” Um, we’ve ALL been there. This child truly gets us in moments like these. He is a step above all of us and we can still learn from him today. Plus, just look at him. He’s adorable. The bonus baby crawling around in the background? Amazing. This video warms my heart and makes me laugh every damn time I watch it, and I hope it does the same for you.

And may Avocado Thanks Boy™ come upon us in times of need, amen.


Kaitlin Gentile, Account Management Intern

Hey! I’m Kaitlin, a senior communications student at Temple University. I spend most of my time bursting into song and eating Mrs. T’s pierogies. If you are interested in joining my new “Jo-Ro” fan club, please contact me.

Favorite vine:

Whitney Houston once said, “I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.” Well Whitney, don’t you fret, because this young Vine star, J-Ro, is leading the way six seconds at a time. Although small, J-Ro’s mind is nothing short of mighty. Battling through the treacherous war some refer to as middle school, J-Ro manages to rise above her awkward stage to realize that drama at school is not worth it. Using perfect pitch and a deeply mourned social platform, this young diva inspires many to “walk away (eh ay eh ay eh ay)”. So, Vine lovers, if you ever meet someone who says they were “never that into Vine,” just pause, take a deep breath, and walk away. Vine may be gone, but J-Ro’s message lives on. J-Ro, if you’re reading this, thank you (ooo-woo-ooo-woo). For a full J-Ro vine compilation, click here.

Thanks to all of our beloved Junior Blasters for their hard work this summer. Fly off into the sunset, little birds!