What’s All This Clamor About Clubhouse?

Zion Scott
February 24, 2021

By this point, you’ve probably heard of Clubhouse, one of the hottest new social networking platforms out right now. 

The app, which is currently only available for iPhone users, was introduced by tech industry experts Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. What makes it so new and unique is that it’s an audio-focused platform unlike other major social networking platforms that are focused on images, videos, and text. Users are able to drop in on live audio discussions about a wide range of topics including cooking, sports, stocks, and many others. 

Screenshots via Clubhouse

The app is also home to many celebrity users, which has really spurred its popularity. One of the biggest celebrity events to happen on the platform was a discussion between Tesla founder Elon Musk and Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev

This discussion broke the previous Clubhouse room limits and was live-streamed on YouTube for many more to see. The app is currently in its beta stages, but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining 6 million users. 

How it works

Clubhouse is currently invite-only, with each user receiving two invites to send to friends. When invited, you receive a link via text which will take you to a sign-up page. Once out of the beta stage, the app will be available to all. 

Screenshots via Clubhouse

Discussions on Clubhouse works sort of like a conference call on Zoom where there is a person talking and the other members on the call are listening. Unlike platforms like Twitch, the audio doesn’t remain up on the platform for users to revisit unless the user purposefully chooses to do so. The combination of this with the lack of video and picture provides a sort of safe space for users to rattle off ideas and network with others.

What brands should know

Since Clubhouse is currently a platform that is invite only, many brands have yet to engage with its community. With that said, there are many opportunities for brands on Clubhouse. Lifestyle brands like Adidas or ASOS, which have tons of ambassadors/influencers and are home to many micro-communities, can benefit the most. These types of brands can use the platform to nourish the relationships between these micro-communities while keeping them informed. The digital world has become so vast and transactional that the ability to be able to intimately connect with your customer base has become invaluable.

Screenshot via Instagram

Imagine a basketball star like Derrick Rose hosting a room to discuss hoops with a bunch of basketball fans who also wear Adidas on the court. Or, one of the many ASOS influencers hosting a room full of stylish fans to give them fashion advice. These types of opportunities for intimacy between brands and their customers are the future of marketing, and Clubhouse is a great place to foster them. 

Overall, Clubhouse is definitely a social networking platform to watch. The early success achieved by the platform while still in its beta stages cannot be ignored. After all, social media giants Facebook and Twitter are already creating competitor features.

A lot of social media platforms fizz up to then fizzle out, but the recent success has Clubhouse looking like it will be a player for a long time. Be prepared to see more and more high-value brands find ways to utilize this platform.