What’s Happening: Twitter Reinvents Itself

Grace Stasky
July 29, 2016

Well, well, well. Look what the cat dragged in – the famous Twitter bird.

Twitter’s CMO, Leslie Berland, dropped the marketing mic on Monday. At the top of her list, she exclaims, 90 percent of people globally recognize the Twitter brand.”

90 percent is a large number. Think about it. For an example, I’m going to eat 90 percent of a delicious chocolate cake and save the 10 percent for my roomie. Yikes.

Berland continues to discuss how people know the brand, but don’t actually use Twitter. Example: me. (Loyal to Instagram and Snapchat.)

So how exactly is Berland and #TeamTwitter going to get me to hop on the bandwagon? Let’s take a look:

Twitter promises in the next few weeks they will be the hub, not just for social media fun and games, but to see what’s happening. The global company will show everything from sports, breaking news, entertainment to politics. Check out their new ad campaign:

What’s Happening?

Politics on Twitter.

As you can see, Twitter is amped up and ready to go. But that’s not all. Berland also proudly states that the platform will finally get its “glo up” with a modern and diverse look. The bright new color palettes are featured in the two new ad campaigns.

Adweek quotes Berland, That blue bird is recognized all over the world and is extremely powerful. I think what we haven’t done enough of is breaking out of those blues and whites and grays to really show both the diversity and the voices and the personality that come to life on Twitter every single day.”

This is very exciting news for Twitter. They want to reflect their users and expand the platform’s feel. Berland’s news is spinning through the marketing world and throughout tweets. What’s best of all is she tells us there will be more. We can’t wait to see what Twitter has upcoming in these next few months.

What do you think of Twitter’s brand new digs? Let us know in the comments or, um, on Twitter.