What’s New in Social? September Edition

September 29, 2017

Social media changes rapidly and it can be difficult to keep up. Knowing the monthly trends in social media is key. But what’s most important for you might be different for someone else. That’s where we come in. Welcome back to What’s New in Social? Here, we update you on our latest findings of what is trending in social media right now and what we predict for the future.

You ready? Let’s do this.

I thought less was always more.

Twitter has announced they’re testing 280 characters tweets, shocking users everywhere! Although only a small group is allowed to test the large count, this is big news for the Twitter world. Many people are questioning if this change is going to be positive or negative. Twitter’s top celebrity user Chrissy Teigen already commented saying she doesn’t know how to handle this news. We’ll explain both sides and let you decide.  Twitter’s restrictive characters forced people to say less, which is not a bad thing. We find it troublesome that most Facebook users, with unlimited characters, use FB as a diary. Twitter allows people to still get their point across in fewer words.

Twitter decided to take this radical step because other languages used fewer characters. For example, Japanese tweeters average tweet count is 15 characters leaving them with spare room. Twitter believes the 280 characters will encourage more people to tweet because they no longer have to edit their thoughts down to 140. Hopefully Twitter sticks to some sort of restrictive character count no matter how many they keep adding. We agree it can be a pain to shorten tweets, but more words could be worse. We’ll let you decide.

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You’re going to like Facebook’s new Crisis Response update.

Facebook’s Safety Check tab is getting an update and will be renamed Crisis Response. Facebook launched Safety Check in 2014 to help users stay connected to their family and friends during a crisis. The tab uses public FB posts of the latest news stories, photos and video. The most important part of the Safety Check section is that the user can indicate that they are “safe.” With the new update users can now add a note leaving more information and reassurance for their followers.

Facebook will also be working with response agencies for validation of real emergencies, disasters and attacks. Mark Zuckerberg described Crisis Response by saying, “We think this is important infrastructure for helping to keep our global community safe.” Crisis Response will not just be for users experiencing a tragic event. The tab will also offer a section of information on ways to take action and help your community.

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I want to be an Instagram Influencer when I grow up.


Instagram influencers are cashing in. This is not to get confused with Instagram “celebrities.” Influencers are more of content creators. There is actually an Influencer Marketplace with Influencer Representatives, believe it or not. These influencers can make hundreds just from one post. And the more followers, the more money. Brands use influencers because it feels more personal than using a celebrity. It’s also cheaper. A celebrity’s price point can pay multiple influencers. Brands can reach 20x more people using influencers.

More Details: Independent

Banjo: real time, real scary.

If you haven’t heard of Banjo, you will soon. No, I am not talking about the musical instrument. Banjo is an app created by Damien Patton in 2011. Banjo is a tracking system that can gather information on a global level by using social media platforms. Location is its primary filter having software that can perform over two quadrillion calculations by tracking hundreds of thousand geo posts in minutes. Confused? Banjo basically turns a laptop into a drone.

During the 2013 Boston Bombing, Banjo found more information faster than the media and even the police. Banjo has the ability to “travel” to the scene and see what is being publicly posted in real time.

Do you feel uneasy? Banjo reassures that their app is only used to find answers. And Banjo only works on public posts. Linked to one-sixth of the world’s population and it’s still unfinished, which is scaring industries all over the world. Banjo’s algorithms will continue to improve. Patton never thought he could build something so powerful and describes Banjo as “badass.” Many offers have been made to buy the company but Patton says, “nothing has been big enough.”

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That’s a wrap: The biggest news in social media this month. Think we left something out? Hit us up here or on Twitter.