Where to Find Peace, Laughs and Humanity on Instagram

Grace Stasky
April 4, 2017

Let’s face the facts: There’s more than enough hate and violence on social media right now.

When did this all start? What happened to poking a friend on Facebook or slamming down that double tap on an Instagram post? (Not 56 weeks deep though. #besafe)

If you’re like us Blasters, you want to laugh on social media and share it with your friends. In my personal opinion, Instagram is one of the best places to find happiness. The largest reason being that you are only shown posts from pages you select, unlike Facebook and Twitter. Minus ads, sorry I’m not sorry.

If you’re trying to build up your positive pages game, check out these bad boys.

The Great Outdoors 

Earth Pics allows you to step outside of your everyday commute and experience something new and beautiful. Their photos are high quality and explore the world.


Hiking with Dogs gives you more than scenic views. Maybe I’m biased, but any nature shot needs a dog in it. This puppy-filled page shares user content to keep its audience engaging not just on post, but also with their branded hashtag, #hikingwithdogs.



Annette Labedzki can make you go from Britney Spears 2007 to Snoop Dog wearing a duck hat in two seconds. She is the definition of satisfying. Her videos are relaxing and in my opinion can be a form of meditation. Her form of art is focused on paint mixing. She will sometimes simply mix four colors in a soothing motion or go hardcore and create recognizable food sculptures. Why pay a therapist when you can watch Annette’s videos? My personal favorite videos go from end to start.




Beware: the following posts will make you drool. Food is clearly Instagram’s first love. How many times have you scrolled past a delicious post and came back to tag your friends. Most of us find joy in food. Especially when cheese is involved.   

If you forgot, CBM HQ is in Philly. We pride ourselves on this city’s food, just like Swag Food Philly.


I had to rep the Northeast, baby. Blue Duck puts a twist Philly’s favorites like Stocks pound cake and turns it into a masterpiece. My favorite dish is the chicken and waffles, but they are more than that. Their Instagram page will make you hop in your car to go eat there.




As you may of heard, I am one of the resident dog parents at ChatterBlast. When I not hugging on Timber, Brenda, Cooper or Gideon, I’m browsing dog and other animal pages. All day, er day. There is just something about cute animals being silly or even relatable. If that doesn’t make you smile it’s not them, it’s you. Here’s my go to pages:

Brenda the Shepsky & Timber Gram, obvi.



InstaOtters: Need I say more? Ok, I will. They kiss, dance, party and snuggle. Get it together and follow every otter account you can. Also adopt me one for my birthday.


Tales Of A Lab has branded itself and built it’s following by constantly engaging with Labrador owners and lovers. They post user content and add quirky copy to each photo. Most importantly, they highlight our four legged friends’ birthdays. This is important.



Ah, the good life. Although the tabloids show us a lot of negative with celebs, their official pages can be uplifting and motivational. Here are a few of my close friends. You may know them.

Dwayne Johnson: Do you smell what the Rock is cooking? He’s a gentleman and father. Bonus, Zac Efron is in a lot of his photos.


Emilia Clarke: Khaleesi.


Britney Spears: She clearly runs her own account. Maybe she gets some assistance, but her account is as real as it can get for a celebrity. She posts everything from photos of her kids to silly workout videos. It’s Britney, bitch.



I’ve showed you cute, delicious and outdoorsy pages. To keep this blog PG-ish, I selected Big Kid Problem’s page. This page is full of relatable content that will make you laugh so hard you cry and then have to tag a friend. Because if you don’t tag your friends, are you really friends?



Are you happy yet? Just the act of being on social media is built with its own up and downs. I think it’s important to weigh the negative out with the good. What’re your favorite pages? Tell us sometime!