Where’s the Interest for Pinterest? 

Nicole Danks image
Nicole Danks
May 4, 2023

Need a fresh recipe for dinner? Looking for home decor inspo? How about creating the summer wardrobe of your dreams? Many users are turning to one place for all these things: Pinterest.

Perhaps the most underrated advertising and social platform, Pinterest growth and usage has been on the rise for the past three years. It’s the fourth most popular app in the US, and 15th most used social media platform globally, ranking above both Twitter and Reddit with nearly a half a billion active users monthly. They even recently rolled out their new ‘Premiere Spotlight’ ad unit, which should be pretty appealing to marketers across the board. 

So why aren’t more advertisers, content creators, and businesses utilizing this fast growing platform on a regular basis? Maybe it’s a lack of knowledge. Pinterest certainly isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you say ‘social network’—so let’s remedy that right now. Time to open your board and start pinning, because Pinterest could mean huge opportunities for you and your brand. 

The Power of a Pinterest Audience

When users are scrolling through Pinterest, typically, they’re already in the mood to buy or create something, making them more likely to engage with advertisements and eventually convert. In fact, Pinterest users actually spend 2x more per month than people on other social media platforms. Because it’s a visual search engine, it makes shopping that much more appealing (and engaging). See it, click it, buy it. Cut out the middleman of Google entirely. 

So not only are users engaged and primed to purchase, but they tend to spend the majority of their time on Pinterest compared to other apps. This lack of crossover creates new audiences and targeting opportunities for advertisers.  

A huge factor in Pinterest’s power is their pins, which have a longer lifespan than other social media platform posts. Users can find and interact with a pin even years after it was posted. Having long term pin traffic means there’s always something for users to discover. So go ahead and recycle some of your old content. It may not be new to you, but it is to the Pinners. Overall, this creates an ideal space for creators and businesses to grow their account, engagement, and website traffic. 

The Analytics 

Pinterest is a great platform for businesses that sell products or services that can be advertised through digital marketing. For one thing, it’s trusted amongst users. 85% of users say that Pinterest helped them make purchase decisions—that percentage coming from Pinterest directly targeting their users through interests, behaviors, psychographics, and demographics. Specifically, it gives an opportunity for advertisers to reach a niche target audience. 

The platform is cost effective as well. The price to place ads is low (perhaps because it’s so underrated), with 2.3x cheaper cost per conversion when compared to other social platforms. This allows for companies of all sizes to advertise at a relatively affordable price, but lots of value. CPC on Pinterest is lower than other platforms too, with ads earning 2x higher return on ad spend than other social media platforms. Plus, Pinterest analytics has tools for marketers to keep track of advertising performance, leads generated, etc. 

How to Get Those Pins

Pinterest users are highly engaged making it an exceptional platform, and possibly the best, to grow your socials and find your target audience. Pinterest is a visual platform, so it’s important that you’re optimizing your profile through visually appealing content. One can do this through having high quality posts and photos that showcase your brand and personality (need help with this? Hire ChatterBlast!). As previously discussed, pins also have a long life span, which means that they have increased time to be discovered, repinned, and rediscovered again. 

There’s also the ability to do keyword research. This can be beneficial to find what keywords work best for your account or brand and use them everywhere! Within your pin descriptions, board titles/descriptions, profile, and bio can be used to enhance your profiles through keywords.

Having an organized page will also do you wonders for user engagement. This can be done by using various boards to place pins relevant to your brand within it, guiding users (and your brand) to consistently pin and engage with other users. This not only maintains an active profile, but creates relationships with other businesses/creators. Check out some of the top brands’ boards to get a feel for it yourself, like Whole Foods, Airbnb, and Fenty

All of these different features will improve your brand’s visibility on Pinterest, increase awareness, engagement, and overall online presence while gaining potential conversions.  

So, is your interest pinned? 

The next time you’re creating an advertising plan will you consider Pinterest as a potential advertising and organic social tactic? Overall, it’s a great way for advertisers and social media accounts to grow their brand, increase website traffic, gain brand awareness, and generate sales at low costs… for now.