Which Streaming Service Are You?

Pat White
November 22, 2019

In November, the streaming landscape got a bit more competitive with Apple TV+ and Disney+ entering the fold. The Streaming Wars are upon us which means with more content comes more FOMO, as you hear friends discussing The Mandalorian while you’re still catching up on Game of Thrones. 

We’ve all taken the Which Harry Potter House Are You? quiz. Well, now it’s time to find out what streaming service aligns best with your personality.


The Netflix streaming train has been running since 2007. You have been paying for the subscription on autopay with no plans of actually canceling, despite the incremental rate increases since it first launched. Or you just don’t care because you’ve been leaching off your parents or a friend’s account for the past 10 years anyway. Netflix is your safety blanket. Especially if you’re like me and bedtime doesn’t come around until reruns of The Office are playing in the background. Sure, they spend a ton of money on original series which don’t always measure up, but once in awhile you get a Peaky Blinders or Stranger Things that remind you why Netflix is worth the loyalty.

Amazon Prime Video

How did you ever get subscribed to this thing? Oh right, you are an impatient shopaholic who make impulse purchases and need them in two days. You can totally justify paying $100 a year for 2-day shipping and the option to watch another streaming platform! 

Disney +

You love nostalgia and reliving a simpler time with the Mickey Mouse company. You can look past that Disney has essentially built the platform upon it’s past successes without introducing many “new” concepts. Sure, The Mandalorian is a much better Star Wars spin-off than the mid 2000s prequels and Forky Asks a Question is a cute series to play off of Toy Story 4, but these aren’t necessarily roaming out of the comfort zone for Disney. But having the choices between Marvel, Star Wars and Disney Channel original movies in one convenient location is hard to pass up on. Ultimately, Disney+ gave you the gift the world was waiting for…the full Even Stevens catalog. 


Want the feeling of watching live TV with commercials? Then you probably love ad supported Hulu. Did you know Hulu also has live sports?! Network television is your bread and butter. You don’t need high-budget original programming. Watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Seinfeld reruns is enough to quench your television thirst. But not enough to actually pay for the premium service. 


You have a tattoo of an Apple on your heart. You already own an Apple phone, watch and computer, so what is one more service? Anything the company does, you can get on-board. 


HBO has been the standard for original content for a long time. Was The Sopranos before your time? You can watch it. Never made it past the docks in The Wire? Time to catch up. Want to finally get around to True Detective but skip season 2 because coworkers and friends have advised you to? Here’s your chance.

CBS All-Access

There is a reason why CBS is a leader in premium television content, in large part because of their foresight into the streaming world. You are probably in the sweet spot 25-54 age range. You might remember the original Star Trek and can’t get enough of the new spin in Star Trek: Discovery. Maybe you just enjoy watching reruns of Blue Bloods from 2011 with your father who has watched every episode 100 times. You have probably cut the cord and value a platform that blends old favorites, new original series and the ability to watch TV for you news and sports coverage.

So which streaming service are you? Let us know in the comments.